About OccaSoftware

Founded in 2021, OccaSoftware provides easy-to-use game assets for Unity to indie game developers.


Our game assets are designed to last and built with integrity. From our code to our art, OccaSoftware aims to set the bar for excellence when it comes to production-ready real-time game assets for Unity.


Our brand is built on our relationship with our customers. We provide quick support to enable you to continue to move forward. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible end-to-end asset discovery, purchase, use, and retirement lifecycle.

“Simple, powerful, and effective. This asset does exactly what it says it does and does it beautifully.”

— @MariusTacitus

Learn more about us

Interested in levelling up your Unity game? We’re here to help. OccaSoftware provides quality Unity assets that save you time and enable you to focus on what makes your game special. With over 10,000 game developers already using our assets to deliver incredible experiences on Unity, we are proud to be a leading developer of Unity game assets.

Although many of our assets are paid, we have also given away a ton of free assets for Unity to the community as well.

You can purchase and download all of our game assets through the Unity Asset Store. We like working directly through the Asset Store because we believe that Unity shares our belief in providing quality products. With a stringent review process and strict guidelines on how to structure and provide game assets in place on the Unity marketplace, we are in lockstep with Unity in providing the best assets for Unity.

If you’re interested in joining our growing community of game developers, we have a bunch of ways to stay in the loop.