Better Object Pooling

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Object pooling API usage
Object pooling API usage
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Object pooling API usage
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Better Object Pooling

Improve your game's performance when instantiating and destroying game objects by using BOP's Object Pooling API.

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BOP is a lightweight, easy to use object pooling solution. Object Pooling improves your runtime performance by instantiating objects during scene load rather than during runtime, and by avoiding destroy(object) calls by returning objects back to the pool when no longer needed.

BOP enables you to interact with pooled objects in a similar way to how you would interact with ordinary objects, just more efficiently.

BOP includes a demo that shows how you can connect to the Pool, fetch objects from the pool, dispose of the pool, and create a fresh pool. It also demonstrates how you can get information about the current state of the pool.


  • Import, add a Pooler script, and start pooling.
  • Detailed usage docs give additional information about usage patterns.
  • API docs explain public methods, use cases, and watchouts.

Everything is organized in its own hierarchy, namespaced, and contained within its own assembly.

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