Crosshairs Pro

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Crosshairs Pro

Add an extra level of immersion and polish to your game's weapons with this crosshair texture pack

Elevate your Unity games with our Crosshair Texture pack! This pack includes a variety of high-quality crosshair designs to choose from, perfect for adding an extra level of immersion and polish to your game's weapons. Whether you're creating a first-person shooter or just want to give your players more options, this pack has something for everyone. So why wait? Get your hands on our Crosshair Texture pack today and take your Unity projects to the next level!

Crosshairs Pro is a new asset pack for Unity that includes 50 high-quality crosshair textures as well as the source file used to create them. The crosshairs are available in three different resolutions (256px, 512px, and 1024px) and are saved as transparent PNG files. The pack also includes a Figma design file with all of the resources used to create the crosshairs, allowing users to edit the crosshairs and export them back to Unity. Users can change the color of the crosshairs by using the image color property or by hand-picking specific colors using the included Figma design file. Support is available by contacting the developer at [email protected], and a free crosshair pack is also available for download.

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