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Easily query and display real-time cryptocurrency information in your game or app.


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Crypto enables you to easily query and display real-time cryptocurrency information in your game or app.

Crypto acts as an API middleman, providing you with free access to live price, volume, and change data on 8000+ coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Shiba, and more from coinlore's public API.

Asynchronous API calls enable your application to continue to perform smoothly without hitches while CryptoData does the heavy lifting of downloading and parsing coin data for you.

CryptoData gives you detailed coin-level data on 8000+ coins

  • Current Price (USD, BTC)
  • Percent Change (1hr, 24hr, 7d)
  • Market Cap (USD, BTC)
  • Transaction Volumes (24hr)
  • Supply Volumes (Coin, Total, Market)
  • Market-level pricing and volumes

CryptoData also gives you Global Market-level data, including

  • Number of Coins
  • Number of Active Markets
  • Total Market Cap (USD)
  • Total Volumes
  • Bitcoin and ETH Dominance
  • Market Cap and Volume Change Percentages

Technical Details

Includes complete source code access, making this asset easily extendable for your project's needs. Everything is namespaced to OccaSoftware.Crypto and is part of the OccaSoftware.Crypto asmdef to keep your compile times fast and code organized.

CryptoData does not enable you to trade coins. It also does not provide any NFT information.

This asset makes use of a freely available API provided by Coinlore. No guarantees are made regarding availability, uptime, or accuracy of this publically available API. In the event that Coinlore's API becomes temporarily or permanently available, no explicit guarantee is provided that this asset will be updated to an alternative API provider.




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