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Enflame is an easy-to-use, artist-friendly, and feature-rich shader and VFX package that enables you to achieve highly stylized or realistic fire, smoke, sparks, and heat distortion effects.

Product Details

This package includes a Fire Shader, a Particle Shader for Smoke and Sparks, and a Heat Distortion Shader. It also includes a re-usable Subgraph that enables you to sample Flipbooks more easily. I designed these from the ground-up in Shadergraph so that you can easily take even more control over the artistic direction of your project.

What People Are Saying

"The most beautiful fire. The photos and videos in here are not good enough until you try it. Is by far the most beautiful and easy to use stylized fire. I am loving Occa Software products. Well done!" - rodrigouribeventura


  1. Plug-and-play: Drag and drop the complete prefab into your scene with limited set-up - just enable the Opaque and Depth Textures in your scene to use the Heat Distortion Shader.
  2. Extendable Code Free: Artists welcome! All Shaders included in this pack are provided in Shader Graph, making it easy to extend and enhance the shader to your needs without coding.
  3. Art Assets Included: Programmers welcome, too! This pack includes all you need to get up-and-running without diving into Photoshop or Substance to fiddle with textures.
  4. Volumetric, Procedural Fire: Easily create “thick”, fully dynamic fires with density and ramping size as you reach the edges of the fire.
  5. Depth-masked Heat Distortion: Unlike other Heat Distortion shaders, we mask out objects in front of the camera using depth and vertex tests so that we don’t distort objects in front of the hot zone.
  6. Complete Control: Easily tweak tons of parameters for each part of the full fire effect, including things like… Heat Distortion amount, Colors, Toon- or realistic-styling, Textures, Transparency, Flipbook speed, width, and height, Alpha clip thresholds, Smooth or Instant Flipbook Transitions, and more.

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