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Free and easy-to-use realistic fireworks effects. Also includes 4 sample firework effects that can be used immediately or further customized to your needs.


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Add realistic fireworks to your game in just one click.

Fireworks is an easy-to-use, artist-friendly, and feature-rich shader and VFX package that enables you to achieve realistic Firework rockets and explosions in your scenes.

This package includes a Firework prefab, a demo scene, a Visual Effect Shader Graph, and a Visual Effect Asset for use with the Visual Effect Graph package in Universal Render Pipeline or High Definition Render Pipeline. Unity 2020.3+ required.

  • Works on any platform supported by Visual Effect Graph. (PCs, Consoles, Compute-Capable Mobile Devices). Tested in URP + HDRP.
  • Extremely easy to use. Simply drag and drop the Firework Visual Effect Prefab into your scene and scale to your need.
  • Highly customizable. All colors, sizes, and timings are customizable through the properties inspector or directly in VFX Graph.




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