Haze FX

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Haze FX

Make your game more realistic with distance-based blur, contrast, and dynamic heat haze effects.

Product Details

HazeFX is a post-process effect that adds distance-based blur, haze shimmer, and contrast reduction to help immerse players in your game world.

Optimized for Performance

This package is designed from the ground up to be as performant as possible.

Works with the Volume Component System

This package is compatible with the Volume Component system. Easily configure the properties using Overrides in your scene, just like Bloom, Color Adjustments, and other Post-Processing effects.


  • The Start and End Distances are shared by the Blur, Heat Haze, and Contrast-adjustment features.
  • Configure directional falloff so that the Haze Effects remain focused on the horizon.
  • Configure blur using the Blur options.
  • Configure heat haze texture, intensity, speed, and tiling in the Heat Haze options.
  • Configure contrast adjustment in the Contrast options.
  • Enable or disable each option independently.


  • Designed for Unity URP, 2021.3.
  • Designed for high-speed rendering on mid- to high-end hardware.
  • Transparent objects (i.e., any objects that don't write to depth buffer) will use the depth data of the closest opaque object behind it.

Developed in Partnership with Straight Back Games

The development for this asset was sponsored by Straight Back Games for their new title, Hobble.

Hobble is a 1-8 player hiking game. Take control of a senior citizen setting off on a dangerous bucket list adventure. Just don't fall to an untimely death.

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