LCD Shader

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Display subpixel detail like diode arrangements, scanlines, and microdisplay noise in your in-game screens


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LCD Object Shader enables you to improve the quality of televisions, computer monitors, and other small- and large-scale displays in your game.

This shader enables you to display subpixel detail in your screens. It also enables you to display scanlines, micro display noise, and to emulate viewing angle distortions characteristic of modern and recent display panels such as brightness loss, chroma loss, and hue shifting.

Comes with 5 diode arrangements, 12 diode styles, and 4 scanline styles in both stylized and realistic versions, some modeled on real displays.

This shader includes a custom editor so that you can easily customize each material instance.

This Shader was developed entirely using Shader Graph. As a result, it is easy to customize and extend for your project's needs. It also includes complete source code, including editor scripts. You can customize the editor script or simply remove the editor script reference from the Shader Graph if you'd prefer not to use it. All scripts are namespaced and covered by an assembly definition.




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