Low Poly Trees (Free)

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Low Poly Trees (Free)

A free pack of 3 low poly trees. This low poly tree pack is a great place to start when prototyping or for creating low-poly styled art and games.

Product Details

This pack has 3 unique trees for your game.

If you're making a low poly game, this tree asset pack contains a few assets that can help differentiate your game and get you started.

This pack includes one type of tree in three variations. The three variations include a trunk-only variation, a normal variation, and a flowering variation where the tree features some cute little nuts.

All of the meshes, materials, and prefabs are clearly named and organized.

Each tree prefab has a unique set of source materials. You can easily customize the color of each tree's trunk, leaf canopy, and nuts by changing the material's base color. You have the most control, and it's super easy to get the perfect look.

This package is a free sample of our Low Poly Tree pack.

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