Material Library 4

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Material Library 4

A collection of 25 PBR materials. Painted concrete, tactile pavers, muddy gravel, cracked asphalt, rough wool, graffitied metal, and other materials for use in a variety of different environments.

Product Details


A collection of 25 photoscanned PBR materials. All textures are 2048x2048 resolution (2k). All materials tile seamlessly. All textures are fully compatible with a variety of different scenarios - Unity terrain, Unity BIRP Standard Shader, URP Standard Shader, HDRP Standard Shader, and much more are compatible.

Included Texture Maps

  • Base Color
  • Height
  • Metallic (R), Smoothness (A)
  • Normal
  • Occlusion

Each material is pre-configured and designed to work out-of-the-box for URP.

BIRP: The same maps can be easily used in the Standard material for BIRP.

HDRP: You can re-bake the Occlusion map into the Metallic/Smoothness Mask to create the Mask map for HDRP.

Materials List

  1. Asphalt Brown Littered
  2. Asphalt Gray Pebbled
  3. Asphalt Gray Pocked
  4. Asphalt Tan Cracked
  5. Bark Olive Fungus
  6. Brick Brown Cobblestones
  7. Brick Red Clean
  8. Brick Red Uneven
  9. Concrete Ochre Painted
  10. Concrete Red Painted
  11. Concrete Tan Stained
  12. Concrete Tiled Walkway
  13. Dirt Brown Gravelled
  14. Gravel Gray Muddy
  15. Gravel Gray Sedimented
  16. Metal Beige Textured
  17. Metal Gray Graffitied
  18. Metal Reddish Woven
  19. Metal Silver Bumpy
  20. Metal Silver Scratched
  21. Paving Peach Tactile
  22. Paving Red Tactile
  23. Pebbles Tan Rough
  24. Wool Gray Dirty
  25. Wool Tan Rough

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