Motion Blur

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Easy, performant, and realistic motion blur for Unity URP.


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Easy, performant, and realistic motion blur for Unity URP.

  • Renders both object motion blur and camera motion blur
  • Choose from three quality levels
  • Customizable shutter speed
  • Intuitive UI
  • Integrated with URP's Volume Component System
  • Namespaced with Assembly Definitions


  • Requires Compute Shader support



Does this asset render both Object and Camera Motion Blur?

Yes. The asset uses both object motion vectors and camera motion vectors to generate the motion blur effect.

What do you recommend for the Shutter Speed?

Check Wikipedia's article on Shutter Speed for ideas on an appropriate shutter speed for your project. If you're still not sure, try 1/60.

Is the asset compatible with mobile devices?

Yes. But, Motion Blur uses a Compute Shader for rendering the effect, so the mobile device must be compute-compatible.

Is Motion Blur compatible with WebGL?

No, WebGL does not support Compute Shaders at this time.



February 28, 2023

Initial release

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