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Easily monitor your game's performance in builds or in the editor using this performance UI widget.


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Feature List

  • Works in builds and in editor
  • Customize your target frame rate, start delay, time between display updates, and convergence time.
  • Shows your real-time and averaged FPS, Frame Timing (MS), and Performance Budget Percentage.
  • Displays the percentage of frames that were rendered above key performance cut-offs based on your target frame rate.
  • Thoughtfully designed UI - outlines to keep things readable, color-coded outputs to help you easily spot performance hitches or issues.
  • Namespaced with assembly definitions and organized into an appropriate component menu.


Unity's built-in frame timing stats leave a little to be desired. You can not specify a target frame budget, it does not show averages, and it does not work in builds by default. This asset makes it easy for you to quickly evaluate your game's performance in builds or in the editor.





March 10, 2023

Initial release

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