Procedural Eye Shader

Universal Render Pipeline


The easiest way to render your character's eyes. Infinite combinations. This asset brings together everything you need to create beautiful eyes in your game.



Includes an eye mesh and a fully procedural, dynamic eye shader with custom lighting controls.

The shader offers 19 customizable settings, including:

  • Pupil Size
  • Pupil Color (Inner)
  • Pupil Color (Outer)
  • Pupil Blend
  • Pupil Noise Scale
  • Pupil Noise Intensity
  • Iris Size
  • Iris Color (Inner)
  • Iris Color (Outer)
  • Iris Blend
  • Iris Noise Scale
  • Iris Noise Intensity
  • Sclera Color
  • Main Lighting Intensity
  • Fixed Lighting Intensity
  • Fixed Lighting Angle
  • Fixed Lighting Offset
  • Fixed Lighting Size
  • Reflection Intensity
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