Responsive Smokes
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Responsive Smokes

Render dynamic, interactive volumetric smoke effects in your project.


  • Interactive Volumetric Smoke enables you to render dynamic, interactive volumetric smoke effects in your project.
  • The smoke is rendered using state-of-the-art volumetric rendering methods.
  • The smoke propagates dynamically in your scene in response to your scene geometry.
  • You can interact with the smoke using projectiles or explosions.
  • There is a detailed demo scene included in the project. This demo scene showcases how you could implement the smoke system in your game.
  • You can configure the smoke quality, appearance, and generation settings.


  • Smoke dynamically expands based on your scene geometry.
  • Interact with the smoke using Interactive Projectiles and Interactive Explosions.
  • Any number of dynamic smoke systems can be active at the same time.
  • Configurable performance.
  • Responds to dynamic directional lighting.
  • Detailed demo scene showcasing usage to get you off the ground right away.


  • This asset is compatible with URP.
  • Not compatible with VR.
  • Not compatible with Orthographic view.
  • Not recommended for mobile.
  • Recommended for high-end PC and next-gen consoles.

Projects made with this asset

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