Super Simple Cel Shader

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Super Simple Cel Shader

Lightweight cel shader for Unity URP with a clean material editor and main light shadowing support.

Introducing Super Simple Cel Shader for Unity URP

Are you looking for a cel shader that is easy to use and customizable? Look no further than Super Simple Cel Shader for Unity URP. Our cel shader includes support for casting and receiving shadows for the main directional light, and a custom editor to help you exercise fine control over your final colors. Plus, our shader is made with Shader Graph so that it is easily extendable.

High Level of Control

Super Simple Cel Shader takes cel shading to a whole new level of control. With our methods for integrating base color, shadow color, highlight color, and rim colors, you can exercise extremely fine control over the final colors appearing on your characters and models. Whether you need to imitate plastics, woods, rocks, skin, metals, or cloths, our shader supports Normal Maps and Base Color Maps to help you achieve the exact look you desire.

12 Customizable Material Settings

Our shader also comes with 12 customizable material settings, including Base Color, Base Texture, Normal Map, Normal Strength, Highlight Area, Highlight Color, Highlight Strength, Rim Area, Rim Color, Rim Strength, Shadow Color, and Shadow Strength. This level of customization will enable you to fine-tune the appearance of your characters and models to meet your exact specifications.

Easy to Use

Super Simple Cel Shader is designed with ease of use in mind. Our custom editor is intuitive and user-friendly, and the shader itself is simple to install and use. With Super Simple Cel Shader, you can easily achieve the cel shading effects you desire without the need for extensive coding experience.

Get Super Simple Cel Shader Today

Don't settle for less when it comes to your cel shading needs. Choose Super Simple Cel Shader for Unity URP and experience a whole new level of control and customization. Purchase now and get complete source code, plus support for casting and receiving shadows, Normal Maps, Base Color Maps, and 12 customizable material settings. With our easy-to-use cel shader, you can take your characters and models to the next level. Try Super Simple Cel Shader today and see the difference it can make in your work.

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