Super Simple Cel Shader

Universal Render Pipeline


Lightweight cel shader for Unity URP with a clean material editor and main light shadowing support.



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Super Simple Cel Shader is an easy-to-use cel shader for Unity URP with support for casting and receiving shadows for the main directional light and a custom editor. Includes complete source code and is made with Shader Graph so that it is easily extendable.

Unlike other Cel Shaders, the methods used to integrate the base color, shadow color, highlight color, and rim colors in Super Simple Cel Shader all enable you to exercise extremely fine control over the final colors appearing on your characters and models.

Can imitate plastics, woods, rocks, skin, metals, cloths, etc. Supports Normal Maps and Base Color Maps.

Materials offer 12 customizable settings, including:

  1. Base Color,
  2. Base Texture,
  3. Normal Map,
  4. Normal Strength,
  5. Highlight Area,
  6. Highlight Color,
  7. Highlight Strength,
  8. Rim Area,
  9. Rim Color,
  10. Rim Strength,
  11. Shadow Color, and
  12. Shadow Strength
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