Super Simple Skybox

Universal Render Pipeline

Built-In Render Pipeline


Set up a stunning dynamic skybox in your Unity project in less than 60 seconds. Customize the sky, sun, moon, stars, and clouds. Made with Shader Graph. Set up in 60 seconds. No coding.



Skybox Overview

  1. Plug-and-play: Drag and drop this skybox material into your Unity scene’s skybox material slot. You’re done.
  2. Extendable Code Free: Artists welcome! All shaders included in this pack are provided with Unity's Shadergraph, making it easy to extend and enhance this skybox shader to your needs without coding. Want to change the way the night skybox works? No problem with Shadergraph.
  3. Customizable: Configure this skybox for Unity with dozens of parameters ranging from cloud textures, sun and sunset colors, sky colors, moon properties, procedural or texture-based stars, and more! All from a user-friendly UI.

Remarkable Features

  • The sun and moon render with physically based limb darkening - an optical effect seen in stars where the central part of the disk appears brighter than the edge. This system even accounts for the relative attenuation of different wavelengths of light!
  • Every star is a different temperature. The procedural star rendering mode uses novel algorithms that emulate the real distribution of star temperatures. These star temperatures are then evaluated using a proprietary black-body radiation algorithm to create a realistic picture of the distribution and variety of colors in the night sky.
  • We know beautiful sunsets are crucial to getting the perfect look for your project. Our sunsets combine several customizable gradients together to create the perfect sunset for your game.
  • Celestial bodies, like the sun and moon, are typically measured using an Angular Diameter. This measurement describes how large the object appears in the sky. For example, the sun has an angular diameter of 0.53 degrees while the moon has an angular diameter of 0.52 degrees. With this skybox, you can set the exact angular diameter of the sun or moon to achieve 100% realistic results or to achieve your artistic vision.
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