Toon Kit

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Toon Kit

Drag-and-drop anime shader, toon shader, cel shader for Unity. Set up in less than 10 seconds. No coding. Made with Shader Graph.

Product Details

Instantly toon-ify any characters, props, or environment in your game. Built in Shader Graph. Compatible with the Universal Render Pipeline. Upgrade your Unity Chan - or any other model - in seconds with this cartoon shader.


  1. Shadows: Cast and receive real-time shadows with customizable shadow and highlights tinting on this cel shader asset for Unity.
  2. Rim Lighting: Customize Rim Lighting thickness, color, and brightness.
  3. Specular Highlights: Customize Specular Highlights color, brightness, texture, and relative influence from lighting color versus material color.
  4. Normal Mapping: Seamlessly integrate Normal Maps into your stylized materials.
  5. Base Color Mapping and Color Tinting: Seamlessly integrate Base Color (Albedo) Maps into your stylized materials, and easily tint them with the Base Color influence.
  6. Roughness Parameter: Use PBR parameters like Roughness and Roughness Maps to define the material's Specular Highlights.
  7. Ambient Lighting: Global Ambient Light settings let you easily tweak the entire look of a scene
  8. Additional Lights: Easily highlight key items, areas, or NPCs using spot lights or other Additional Lights with seamless Additional Light support.

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