Altos Volumetric Clouds for Unity | Full Changelog

April 26, 2023

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    You can now view the complete change history for our complete sky system, Altos for Unity URP, on our dedicated changelog history page. But first, let me give a quick overview about Altos and how this paid asset for Unity can really improve a project's skybox.

    What is Altos?

    Altos is a complete sky system for Unity intended to function as your one-stop-shop for an integrated procedural customizable skybox, volumetric clouds, skybox clouds, lightweight atmospherics, day night cycle, stars and moon rendering, and more. This system has been in continuous development since February of 2021 and has been serving looks on the Unity Asset Store since about the same time. We really value our user and customer feedback, so we wanted to release an initial version of the asset as early as possible while iterating on it with our users.

    Altos is a paid asset for Unity, with pricing set to $39 as of the publishing of this article. To find up-to-date pricing and learn more about Altos, see Altos' store page on the Unity Asset Store.

    What is this Altos changelog?

    Given that Altos has been live for so long, the Unity asset has undergone plenty of changes and improvements. These changes and improvements are documented in a changelog. Historically, we kept this changelog in full on the Unity Asset Store's release version history page. With such a long history, we've made a ton of changes, and we've actually run out of space in this section to continue documenting our new releases. For that reason, we've decided to move our Altos changelog's home to a dedicated webpage here on our website.

    We hope that the new Altos Changelog will make it easier for you to stay up to date with the cumulative set of releases and changes for Altos.

    In the meantime, we would love for you to join our community! We've recently launched a Discord channel where you can talk about Unity development, get help on OccaSoftware assets for Unity, and connect with other game devs.

    Michael Sacco
    Founder & CEO

    Michael Sacco is the Founder and CEO of OccaSoftware where he specializes in developing game assets for Unity game developers. With a background ranging from startups to American Express, he's been building great products for more than 10 years.


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