The Best Unity Assets for Game Development‍

by Michael Sacco Published January 25, 2023
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Unity is a powerful game development engine that has been used to create a wide variety of games. From 2D mobile games to 3D console games, Unity has proven to be a versatile and reliable tool for game developers. One of the biggest advantages of using Unity is the vast amount of assets and plugins available to help developers create their games more efficiently. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best Unity assets for game development.

1. Low Poly Nature Pack

Screenshot, Simple Nature Pack for Unity

The Low Poly Nature Pack is a collection of low poly assets that can be used to create beautiful and realistic outdoor environments. The pack includes trees, rocks, grass, and other assets that can be easily integrated into your game. The assets are highly optimized, making them suitable for use in mobile games or VR experiences.

2. Ultimate FPS

Ultimate FPS Screenshot

The Ultimate FPS asset is a complete first-person shooter engine that can be used to create a wide variety of games. The asset includes a character controller, weapons, and AI, as well as a set of tools for creating levels and gameplay. The asset is highly customizable, allowing developers to tailor it to their specific needs. UFPS is the ultimate FPS solution for Unity, providing everything you need to create a successful first-person shooter game. It has been on the Asset Store since 2012 and has been continually updated and improved. Tens of thousands of users have used UFPS to create their own FPS games.

This package includes a variety of items such as shooter, melee, magic, throwable, and flashlight in a first-person perspective. It also offers unique features like seamless first and third-person perspective switching, a spring system for fluid, procedural first-person animations, a modular item system for customizing item behavior, and an ability system for character customization.

UFPS is also designed with quality and modularity in mind, allowing for integration with other assets that excel in other areas. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, UFPS has everything you need to get started, with videos, documentation, and a community forum to help guide you.

The controller features include a kinematic character controller, first-person camera controller, dynamic gravity system, character model switching, advanced moving platform system, extensible ability system, procedural spring animations, full body awareness, split-screen support, inverse kinematics, and more.

The item features include a modular design, a wide variety of shootable and melee weapons, magic items, throwable items, flashlights, special attacks, and more.

UFPS also offers a wide range of abilities and movement types, as well as integration with other assets such as A* Pathfinding, Adventure Creator, Behavior Designer, and more.

3. Cinemachine

Screenshot of Cinemachine in use, Unity

Cinemachine is a suite of tools for dynamic and smart camera controls in film and game production. Winner of an Emmy award, it enables codeless camera behaviors that adapt to scene composition and interaction, allowing for real-time tuning, experimentation, and creation. It can be installed via the Unity Package Manager and is free to use for any project. In game development, Cinemachine accelerates the process by eliminating the need for costly camera-logic development and allowing for quick prototyping and saving of settings in play mode. Cinemachine’s camera modules have been perfected over time for various types of games, from first-person shooters to follow cams, 2D to 3D, and real-time play to cutscenes. Cinemachine is compatible with all render pipelines in Unity, including URP and HDRP.

4. Post Processing Stack

Unity with post-processing

The Post Processing Stack is a collection of post-processing effects that can be used to create a unique look for your game. The asset includes a set of tools for creating camera shots, as well as a set of post-processing effects. The asset also includes a set of shaders that can be used to create a unique look for your game.

5. TextMesh Pro

QuickStart to TextMesh Pro - 2019.3 - Unity Learn

TextMesh Pro is a powerful text rendering asset that can be used to create high-quality text in your game. The asset includes a set of tools for creating and formatting text, from outlines to font weights to kerning and more, all of which can be used to create a super unique look for your game.


Unity is a powerful game development engine that has a wide variety of assets and plugins that can be used to create great games. From low poly nature packs to FPS engines, Unity has everything that game developers need to create their games. These assets can save time and effort, allowing developers to focus on creating great gameplay and unique experiences. Each asset is unique, and it depends on the type of game you are developing and your personal preferences. But Low Poly Nature Pack, Ultimate FPS, Cinemachine, Post Processing Stack, TextMesh Pro are some of the best assets for game development in Unity. These assets are highly customizable, allowing developers to tailor them to their specific needs.

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