Unity 2022 LTS: Empowering Game Developers and Artists

by Michael Sacco Published June 1, 2023
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Unity 2022 LTS marks a significant milestone in the world of game development and interactive experiences. As a long-term support release, it provides stability, performance enhancements, and long-term support to Unity users.

You can download the new 2022 LTS from the Unity Hub.

You can also download Unity 2022 LTS from their website: https://unity.com/releases/lts

The Significance of Unity 2022 LTS

Unity 2022 LTS is committed to offering a reliable and robust platform for developers and artists. Its long-term support ensures extended periods of maintenance and support, allowing users to confidently build and maintain their projects with the latest advancements and bug fixes.

New Changes for Artists

Customization of the Unity Editor with UI Toolkit

The UI Toolkit in Unity 2022 LTS allows artists to develop customized user interfaces and Editor extensions. With better separation of concerns, flexible layouts, advanced stylings, and improved UI experiences, artists can streamline their workflows and improve efficiency.

Imagine an artist working on a complex 3D art pipeline. With the UI Toolkit customization in Unity 2022 LTS, the artist can design and customize a tailored interface within the Unity Editor.

UI Toolkit adds native support for UI Gradients in Unity. But, note that it only works for UI Toolkit elements and not the classic Unity UI.

They can create intuitive UI elements specific to their art creation needs, such as custom inspectors, specialized brushes, or quick-access panels for commonly used tools. This streamlines their workflow, improves efficiency, and provides a more intuitive and productive artistic process.

Creating High-Definition Natural Environments with HDRP

Unity 2022 LTS’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) offers enhanced features for creating visually stunning natural environments. Artists can leverage atmospheric lighting with cloud layers, volumetric clouds, procedural fog, and volumetric materials to craft immersive and realistic worlds.

Consider a game developer working on a project that requires visually stunning natural environments. With the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) in Unity 2022 LTS, the developer can leverage enhanced atmospheric lighting, volumetric clouds, and realistic water surfaces. They can design detailed skies, add procedural fog, and control physically based water lighting models. These features allow the developer to craft immersive and visually appealing worlds, enhancing the overall quality and realism of their game or interactive experience.

Boosting 2D Art Creation

Unity 2022 LTS introduces enhancements for 2D art creation, including improved management of Sprite Libraries and support for blending modes in Shader Graph 2D master stacks. These updates streamline the workflow for artists working on 2D physics simulations and pixel art games.

These updates provide artists with more efficient and powerful tools for 2D art creation. Managing and organizing large sets of sprites becomes easier, and the ability to utilize blending modes expands the creative possibilities for visual effects. The improved collision control and Aseprite Importer streamline the workflow for artists working on 2D physics simulations and pixel art games.

Enhancing Lighting and Visuals with URP

The Universal Render Pipeline (URP) in Unity 2022 LTS allows artists to enhance lighting and visuals for any device. With features like Forward+ Rendering, Rendering Layers, and Decal Layers, artists can achieve better lighting and visual quality in their projects.

Artists can achieve better lighting and visual quality in their projects, regardless of the target device. They can utilize more lights in their scenes, customize rendering options for different objects, and add extra textures with Decal Layers. The inclusion of TAA reduces aliasing problems, resulting in improved visual fidelity, and LOD cross-fade ensures seamless transitions between different levels of detail, optimizing performance.

Building Advanced Visual Effects with VFX Graph

Unity 2022 LTS’s VFX Graph empowers artists to create powerful and detailed visual effects. With the 6-Way lighting workflow and integration with the VFX Graph Timeline, artists can create complex and visually stunning effects with greater control and efficiency.

Artists can create complex and visually stunning effects with greater control and efficiency. The 6-Way lighting workflow allows for the generation of reusable effects that can be relit in different conditions. The VFX Graph Timeline integration enhances the editing process, while dynamic enable/disable blocks and effect instancing optimize performance and enable the reuse of assets.

New Features for Programmers

Unity 2022 LTS introduces exciting features and improvements for programmers, enhancing the programming experience and fueling ambitious game development.

Full Integration of Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS)

The integration of the Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) in Unity 2022 LTS allows programmers to build high-performance and scalable games. By leveraging the power of Entities-based code, programmers can achieve more efficient asset management and tackle more ambitious projects.

Imagine a programmer working on a game that requires high performance and scalability. With the full integration of DOTS in Unity 2022 LTS, the programmer can leverage the power of Entities-based code to optimize asset management and achieve higher performance. This enables them to tackle more ambitious projects, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in game development.

Multiplayer Support

Unity 2022 LTS focuses on multiplayer support, offering netcode packages for creating both casual co-op and competitive action multiplayer games. With Unity’s services like Relay, Lobby, and Game Server Hosting, programmers can deliver engaging multiplayer gameplay.

Suppose a game programmer wants to create engaging multiplayer experiences. In Unity 2022 LTS, the netcode packages and services available enable them to build both casual co-op and competitive action multiplayer games. They can leverage Unity’s Relay, Lobby, and Game Server Hosting services to simplify the development of large-scale multiplayer worlds with immersive player interactions. Whether it’s creating a vibrant social hub or designing intense competitive gameplay, Unity 2022 LTS empowers programmers to deliver engaging multiplayer experiences.

Asset Management Optimization

Unity 2022 LTS introduces improvements to asset management with the Addressables package. It streamlines the content management process, enables faster iteration cycles, and provides valuable insights into asset bundles.

Imagine a development team working on a project with a large number of assets. With the Addressables package in Unity 2022 LTS, they can streamline their asset management processes. They can create asset bundles for efficient content organization, gain valuable insights into asset usage and performance, and optimize iteration cycles. This allows the team to iterate faster, make changes to assets with ease, and maintain a comprehensive understanding of their project’s asset organization, ultimately improving productivity and reducing development time.

Editor Improvements and Productivity

Unity 2022 LTS enhances productivity with editor improvements like Burst optimizations, async/await constructs, and faster Play mode transitions. Customizable UI design through the UI Toolkit empowers programmers to create tailored editor setups and visually appealing user experiences.

Imagine a programmer working on a game project. With the editor improvements in Unity 2022 LTS, they can benefit from Burst optimizations that improve coding speed and efficiency. The inclusion of async/await constructs simplifies asynchronous programming tasks, resulting in improved debugging insights. Additionally, the ability to customize the UI through the UI Toolkit allows them to create a personalized editor setup, improving productivity and enhancing the overall development experience.

UI Customization and 2D Development Enhancements

Unity 2022 LTS brings enhancements to UI customization and 2D development tools. The UI Toolkit offers customizable design-time UI, while improved 2D development tools optimize performance and enhance productivity.

Programmers can tailor the Editor setup to their specific needs, simplify development processes, and create more engaging and visually appealing user interfaces. The 2D development enhancements save time, optimize performance, and enhance memory usage, resulting in faster loading times and improved productivity.

Conclusion: Unleashing Creativity and Empowering Ambitious Game Development with Unity 2022 LTS

Unity 2022 LTS provides a robust platform for creating high-quality, performant games, and interactive experiences. With its long-term support commitment, stability, performance enhancements, and a comprehensive set of features, Unity 2022 LTS empowers developers and artists to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver exceptional interactive content. By embracing Unity 2022 LTS, users gain access to a powerful toolkit that supports their long-term goals and aspirations in the dynamic world of game development.

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