Where To Get Support

We offer support by email and on Discord.

To request direct support by email, contact us at [email protected].

To request direct support on Discord, join the Discord channel, then open a ticket in the #tech-support channel.

You can also ask the community for support or suggestions in the #ask-the-community channel.

What We Help With

In general, we will help resolve bugs and issues with our software. We will also help answer general questions about our software and how to use it. However, we do not offer explicit support for third-party assets, project integrations, or performance optimizations.

✔️ Bug reports

✔️ General questions

❌ Third-party plugins

❌ Project integrations

❌ Performance optimizations

❌ Unsupported hardware or operating systems

❌ Customization or modification

✔️ Bug Reports

We are happy to investigate and resolve any bugs causing one of our assets to work incorrectly.

To properly investigate a bug report, we typically need the following information from you:

  • A complete test project that contains all the assets, packages, and code required to replicate the issue.
  • Information about your specific hardware, including your Operating System and Graphics API.
  • A description of the exact steps required in order to reproduce the issue.
  • A screenshot or video demonstrating the issue.

To submit a bug report, you should open a ticket on Discord or email us.

✔️ General Questions

If you have any general questions about how a particular asset works, compatibility, or other details, or if you need additional usage information that is not available in our documentation, please contact us by email or ask a question in the community chat on Discord.

❌ Third-Party Plugins

We do not provide explicit support for third-party plugins. We cannot guarantee compatibility with third-party plugins. We do our best to make it possible for you to integrate with third-party plugins and to provide information about how you can implement these integrations. However, you are responsible for your tech stack and for the integration of various third-party plugins in your final project.

❌ Project Integration

We do not provide explicit support to help you to integrate our assets into your project. We do our best to provide clear and concise documentation on basic project integration in a clean Unity project. If you need further information or clarification on the documentation, please contact us by email or let us know on Discord so that we can improve the docs for everyone.

❌ Performance Optimization

We do not provide explicit support to help you optimize your project. We design our assets to be as performant as possible, and we do our best to provide clear documentation on how to use the performance tools included in our assets. However, you are ultimately responsible for optimizing your overall project and for making trade-offs about where to spend your frame budget. For general tips on optimizing your project in Unity, consider reviewing Unity's performance guides.

❌ Unsupported hardware or operating systems

We do not provide explicit support for every type of hardware or every operating system with each asset. Some assets may not support certain hardware platforms. Some assets may not support certain operating systems. We do our best to clarify which platforms are supported. We will not help to add support for hardware or operating systems that are unsupported at time of purchase.

❌ Customization or modification

We do not provide explicit support for customization or modification of our software. We design our software to support a wide range of use cases, and we do our best to communicate supported use cases and features. Although you may need to extend functionality to fit your specific project, we are not able to help you customize our assets to meet specific use cases that aren't supported by the product. If you have a product suggestion, just let us know.