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Improve Package Manager support from the website

It is inconvenient to download zip files from the website and manually import them. I want to more easily import OccaSoftware assets from the website to my project using the Package Manager or a system like it.

Add Compatibility with Render Graph (Unity 6 Beta / LTS)

Currently, post-processing assets use the RTHandle API for rendering. Unity deprecated this API for Unity 6 / 2023 LTS and migrated to the Render Graph API.

Add Compatibility with VR

Most post-processing effects do not work with VR SPI because they do not support render target arrays for binding. Can you add compatibility for VR, especially Quest 2/3?

Add Compatibility with Mobile

Most post-processing effects are too performance-intensive for mobile or use graphics API features that are not supported on mobile. Can you add a mobile quality mode or make the assets more scalable for mobile devices?

Image Generator Organization

Add folders, sort able tags or some sort of organization for generated images


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