Overview of our Free Unity Assets

We currently offer a portfolio of around 10 free assets for Unity. You can check them out in more detail below, but in general we offer a pretty big variety of tools, shaders, and visual effects that you can use in your Unity project. These are appropriate for a ton of different use cases, including real-time games, animation projects, architectural visualization, manufacturing, and more.

Where to start

Some user favorites include our Massive Crosshair Bundle, which features 27 unique (and free) crosshair textures that you can use in your game as actual crosshairs to pointers or visual effects - whatever you need it for.

Developers also love our free Easy Ghost Shader for Unity. This is a material shader that you can apply to any object in your scene to instantly "ghost-ify" it. We made the ghost shader with Shader Graph, so (as of today) you should be able to use it with the High-Definition Render Pipeline, Universal Render Pipeline, or the Built-In Render Pipeline, which had added support for Shader Graph in Unity 2021.2.

In terms of Visual Effects, we've found that users have really enjoyed our free Realistic 3D Fireworks Effects package, built with Unity's VFX Graph. This free VFX pack gives you several firework presets out the gate and makes it easy to create new firework effects as well. Since it's built with Visual Effect Graph, it works by default on any platform where VFX Graph is supported. You can learn more about our Realistic 3D Fireworks Effects pack on our website, or you can download the Fireworks pack free on the Unity Asset Store.

You can also completely transform your entire scene with our screen-space image effects shaders. My personal favorite is our free Ascii Screen Shader. This Unity asset transforms your entire screen into an Ascii artist's dream. You can customize the font, colors, and more. It's super cool, and I would definitely recommend checking out our overview of how to set up and use our free Ascii Screen Shader, osAscii if you are interested in learning more.

Directory of Free Assets

  • Easy Ghost Shader
  • Rotoscope - Outlines and Color Band Shader
  • BOP - Better Object Pooling
  • Enflame - Stylized Fire, Smoke, and Sparks (Shader Graph)
  • osAscii 2022 - Ascii Screen Shader
  • Massive Crosshair Bundle - Free Crosshair Texture Pack for Unity
  • Realistic 3D Fireworks Effects

Easy Ghost Shader

Download Easy Ghost Shader free on the Unity Asset Store

Easy Ghost Shader is a simple, lightweight ghost effect shader. It enables you to easily convert existing characters or environment to ghosts or spirits. This is an opaque shader, so all objects will be correctly depth tested and integrated into your scene.

This asset is designed in Shader Graph so that you can most easily edit, extend, or adapt the contents to your project needs.

Easy Ghost includes Lit and Unlit shader variants. These are modeled after Unity's built-in Lit and Unlit shader variants, so it is easy to convert an existing Lit or Unlit material to a Ghost-ified version.

You can also choose to enable two parameters that make your ghost effect more dynamic. One parameter enables the ghost effect to ripple over time, and a second parameter enables the falloff of the ghost effect to increase and decrease over time.

The Lit shader variant includes the following parameters

  • Albedo Map
  • Albedo Color
  • Normal Map
  • Metallic (R) and Smoothness (A) Map
  • Occlusion Map
  • Inner Color
  • Outer Color
  • Falloff
  • Falloff Offset Frequency
  • Noise Offset Frequency
  • Enable Noise Layer
  • Enable Falloff Offset Over Time

The Unlit shader variant includes the following parameters

  • Albedo Map
  • Albedo Color
  • Inner Color
  • Outer Color
  • Normal Map
  • Falloff
  • Falloff Offset Frequency
  • Noise Offset Frequency
  • Enable Noise Layer
  • Enable Falloff Offset Over Time

Rotoscope - Outlines and Color Band Shader

Download Rotoscope free on the Unity Asset Store

Rotoscope Screen Shader Effect with depth-based outlines and color bands.

Customizable Parameters:

  • Colors (Up to 10 per Rotoscope Data asset)
  • Start Distance
  • End Distance

Swap configuration at runtime with pre-configured Rotoscope Data assets. Lightweight Demo included.

BOP - Better Object Pooling

Download BOP free on the Unity Asset Store

Improve your game's performance when instantiating and destroying game objects by using BOP's Object Pooling API.


BOP is a lightweight, easy to use object pooling solution. Object Pooling improves your runtime performance by instantiating objects during scene load rather than during runtime, and by avoiding destroy(object) calls by returning objects back to the pool when no longer needed.

BOP enables you to interact with pooled objects in a similar way to how you would interact with ordinary objects, just more efficiently.

BOP includes a demo that shows how you can connect to the Pool, fetch objects from the pool, dispose of the pool, and create a fresh pool. It also demonstrates how you can get information about the current state of the pool.


  • Import, add a Pooler script, and start pooling.
  • Detailed usage docs give additional information about usage patterns.
  • API docs explain public methods, use cases, and watchouts.

Everything is organized in it's own hierarchy, namespaced, and contained within its own assembly.


Download Enflame free on the Unity Asset Store

Stylized Fire, Smoke, Sparks, and Heat Distortion. An easy-to-use, artist-friendly, and feature-rich shader and VFX package.


Enflame is an easy-to-use, artist-friendly, and feature-rich shader and VFX package that enables you to achieve highly stylized or realistic fire, smoke, sparks, and heat distortion effects.

This package includes a Fire Shader, a Particle Shader for Smoke and Sparks, and a Heat Distortion Shader. It also includes a re-usable Subgraph that enables you to sample Flipbooks more easily. I designed these from the ground-up in Shadergraph so that you can easily take even more control over the artistic direction of your project.

Compatible only with the Universal Render Pipeline.

What People Are Saying

"The most beautiful fire. The photos and videos in here are not good enough until you try it. Is by far the most beautiful and easy to use stylized fire. I am loving Occa Software products. Well done!" - rodrigouribeventura


  1. Plug-and-play: Drag and drop the complete prefab into your scene with limited set-up - just enable the Opaque and Depth Textures in your scene to use the Heat Distortion Shader.
  2. Extendable Code Free: Artists welcome! All Shaders included in this pack are provided in Shadergraph, making it easy to extend and enhance the shader to your needs without coding.
  3. Art Assets Included: Programmers welcome, too! This pack includes all you need to get up-and-running without diving into Photoshop or Substance to fiddle with textures.
  4. Volumetric, Procedural Fire: Easily create "thick", fully dynamic fires with density and ramping size as you reach the edges of the fire.
  5. Depth-masked Heat Distortion: Unlike other Heat Distortion shaders, we mask out objects in front of the camera using depth and vertex tests so that we don't distort objects in front of the hot zone.
  6. Complete Control: Easily tweak tons of parameters for each part of the full fire effect, including things like... Heat Distortion amount, Colors, Toon- or realistic-styling, Textures, Transparency, Flipbook speed, width, and height, Alpha clip thresholds, Smooth or Instant Flipbook Transitions, and more.

osAscii 2022 - Ascii Shader

Download osAscii free on the Unity Asset Store

Render your scene in an ASCII art style. Works with any font.

  • Game-ready asset
  • Variety of fonts built-in
  • Easily add custom fonts
  • Performant
  • Fast support

Massive Crosshair Bundle - Crosshair Pack for Unity

Download Massive Crosshair Bundle free on the Unity Asset Store

Massive Crosshair Bundle is an art asset pack including 27 crosshair textures for use in your game.


Massive Crosshair Bundle includes 27 crosshair textures for use in your Unity game. Each crosshair is included at 512 x 512px resolution and is a transparent .png image with alpha. The bundle includes a demo scene showing all 27 crosshairs in use.

Installation Instructions

1. Import Massive Crosshair Bundle into your project.

2. Apply any of the crosshair textures from MassiveCrosshairBundle/Art/Textures/ as your crosshair texture.


Ensure that you are using a transparent or alpha-clipped material that will correctly utilize the alpha channel of the included textures.

Additional Notes

The demo scene for this asset was made in Unity URP and may not work on all versions of Unity. The assets themselves are .png files that will work on any version of Unity.

Realistic 3D Fireworks Effects (HDRP and URP)

Download Fireworks free on the Unity Asset Store

Free and easy-to-use realistic fireworks effects. Also includes 4 sample firework effects that can be used immediately or further customized to your needs.

Add realistic fireworks to your game in just one click.

Fireworks is an easy-to-use, artist-friendly, and feature-rich shader and VFX package that enables you to achieve realistic Firework rockets and explosions in your scenes.

This package includes a Firework prefab, a demo scene, a Visual Effect Shader Graph, and a Visual Effect Asset for use with the Visual Effect Graph package in Universal Render Pipeline or High Definition Render Pipeline. Unity 2020.3+ required.

  • Works on any platform supported by Visual Effect Graph. (PCs, Consoles, Compute-Capable Mobile Devices). Tested in URP + HDRP.
  • Extremely easy to use. Simply drag and drop the Firework Visual Effect Prefab into your scene and scale to your need.
  • Highly customizable. All colors, sizes, and timings are customizable through the properties inspector or directly in VFX Graph.

More About our Game Assets

We founded OccaSoftware in order to empower small game studios. We design and engineer our Unity assets to meet your needs: easy to use, easy to integrate, and powerful results.

You can learn more about our company on our About page, where we talk more about what we do as well as our core values.

If you love any of our Unity assets, we would love to hear from you. It would be awesome to feature your work on our Twitter, Reddit, Discord, or YouTube channels.

If you hate any of our Unity assets, we would also love to hear from you. We want each of our products to exceed your expectations, simplify your work, and impress your players. Let us know what we can do to improve.

Either way, drop us a line at hello@occasoftware.com.