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Leave a Review, Get a Free Unity Asset

Listening to you and learning how we can improve is important to us. Your feedback helps us create better experiences for you and other OccaSoftware customers in the future. To that end, we've created this program so that you can get Unity paid assets for free in exchange for feedback on our products.

Share a review for any paid OccaSoftware asset on the Unity Asset Store, then we will give you any paid Unity asset from our publishing house - completely free.

Get started

Leave a review on a Paid Asset, then tell us which Asset you want for free.

  1. Share a review on the Unity Asset Store for any paid Unity asset from OccaSoftware
  2. Email us at In the email, include the following:
  3. A screenshot of your review on the paid asset, and
  4. A link to the paid OccaSoftware asset you'd like to receive for free
  5. You will receive back a free Unity asset voucher code that you can redeem to get that paid asset for free (subject to availability)

Are there any assets I can't get for free?

Unity currently restricts Publishers to 10 free asset vouchers per year per asset. The free Unity asset that you request may have no remaining vouchers. You can either choose to wait until the voucher slot opens up or choose a different paid asset to get for free.

What qualifies as a paid OccaSoftware asset for the review?

Any asset sold by OccaSoftware on the Unity Asset Store that is not free. You can see all OccaSoftware assets on our OccaSoftware Asset Publisher Page. Free Unity Assets are ineligible. Paid Unity Assets are eligible.

Which game assets can I request?

You can request for any one OccaSoftware asset. You can see all OccaSoftware assets on our OccaSoftware Asset Publisher Page. Free Unity Assets are obviously ineligible because you can download them directly without the benefit of this program.

There's no limitation on the relative price of the asset that you reviewed and the asset that you ask for. For example, you can review a $40 asset and request a $10 asset, or you can review a $10 asset and ask for a $40 one.

How many paid assets can I get for free?

We will give you one free Unity asset for each paid asset that you review. This applies only to paid assets that you actually purchased.

For example, you can buy Altos, submit a review to get Buto for free, then buy our Radial Blur asset and submit a review on that to get Auto Exposure for URP for free.

In this example, you could not use a review on Buto (which you received for free) to get another free asset - this would be an infinite loop :)

Is this a joke?

No. You can really get any of our paid Unity assets completely free. Just leave a review and let us know. We want to hear your candid feedback on our work, so we are going above and beyond to make sure we hear from you.

Any other questions?

Email us at

Statement Date: April 18, 2022