Are your assets designed for the latest version of Unity?

We design new assets to work on the latest Long Term Support release of Unity. When a new LTS release of Unity is made available, existing assets may not be updated. Instead, new versions of the assets may be made available when appropriate. If the new non-LTS version or LTS version of Unity breaks existing functionality for a particular asset, we may or may not fix it. In other words, assets are designed for and around a specific LTS release of Unity and may not work on other versions of the editor. However, new assets will always be designed for the most up-to-date LTS release, and we may release new benchmark versions of our assets as they age out. Typically, we focus on the .0 release of the LTS version. For example, our assets will be designed to target 2021.3.0 rather than a later minor version of the editor. This approach maximizes compatibility with all versions of the LTS release.