Buto - Unity Volumetric Fog: Release 3.2 Patch Notes

November 14, 2022


  • In-Engine Volumetric Noise
  • Fog Density Mask Blend Modes
  • Simple Color Mode

Patch Notes

August 29, 2022

New Features

  • You can now control Fog Density Mask blend modes for each Fog Density Mask component in the scene, giving you much greater control over how and where fog will render.
  • Buto now includes a built-in Volumetric Noise generation system within the editor. This system is seamlessly integrated with Buto's inspector editor, so you can easily configure the look of your fog.
  • You can now configure Lit, Shadowed, and Emission fog colors which are combined additively with the pre-existing Custom Color Ramp system. This gives you greater control and easier configuration for minor fog color changes.

Quality of Life Changes

  • The Volumetric Fog editor window has been simplified and grouped into more logical sections.
  • When in Scene View, disabling the Fog Effects in the Scene View Options will also disable Buto.

More About Buto

  • Lightning fast, infinitely customizable volumetric lighting and fog asset for Unity.
  • Set up in 60 seconds.
  • Join 360+ game developers already experiencing the best volumetrics in Unity.

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