Patch Notes: Super Simple Skybox 1.1 - Procedural Skybox for Unity

November 16, 2022

What is Super Simple Skybox for Unity?

Super Simple Skybox offers Unity game developers the ability to instantly and easily transform your skybox with a dynamic, procedural skybox. This skybox is highly customizable, easy to use, and easy to integrate into your project. You can learn more about this awesome skybox for Unity on our store page.

Super Simple Skybox Patch 1.1

We received feedback from our users that the ground layer could sometimes appear above distant geometry. This caused visual discontinuities in the skybox and the scene. In order to help developers more easily integrate this skybox into their games, we’ve made the following change:

  • You can now hide the ground layer by unchecking the "Use Ground" checkbox in the Material editor. This may be useful in cases where the ground layer is visible, and you wish it to be hidden.

You can view a comparison of how this could improve your Unity scene by toggling between the two Slideshow images below. The left image shows the Skybox with the ground layer enabled, whereas the right image shows the Skybox with the ground layer disabled.

Super Simple Skybox with the ground layer enabled
Super Simple Skybox with the ground layer disabled

Super Simple Skybox is a single material that enables you to easily set up a stylized skybox in Unity. Animated Skybox for Unity. Infinitely customizable. Made with Shader graph. Set up in 60 seconds. No coding.

Click here to learn more about Super Simple Skybox | Dynamic Skybox for Unity URP

More About Super Simple Skybox

Skybox Overview

Super Simple Skybox is an easy-to-use, artist-friendly, and feature-rich skybox shader that enables you to easily set up a stylized skybox in your scene. This is a changing skybox that transforms you static, boring skybox into a beautiful dynamic skybox

Skybox Features

  1. Plug-and-play: Drag and drop this skybox material into your Unity scene’s Skybox Material slot. You’re done.
  2. Extendable Code Free: Artists welcome! All shaders included in this pack are provided with Unity's Shadergraph, making it easy to extend and enhance this skybox shader to your needs without coding. Want to change the way the night skybox works? No problem with Shadergraph.
  3. Customizable: Configure this skybox for Unity with 32 different parameters, including skybox cloud and star textures, daytime and nighttime colors, sun colors, sunset parameters, moon color and size, and more.

Support for Procedural Skybox

If you run into any trouble using this skybox for unity, please reach out me at or on Twitter @occasoftware for any help at all including questions, bug reports, feedback, etc. We want to make sure you get the best skybox for Unity.

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