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Clean one
Fantastic asset and good support. I had an issue with the newest URP versions (which he does not directly support) and he still helped me and fixed the problem. Great asset, even better price
This asset feels and looks so nice! The developer is very helpful and responds quickly. This has improved my smoke grenade by 1000%
Nothing superfluous, it just works:) Previously I tried to setup another asset with millons options, which is not understandable without explanation from the author. Here is complete opposite approach: all is perfectly ordered and explained in the docs. Thanks to the Shader graph, algorhytm can be easily reconfigured for the different needs
Great asset and above all great support. I bought this asset some time ago and it worked perfectly, except for the interaction with two other assets (Nature render and Poseidon). I contacted with the developer of LSPP and his support was awesome. He was attentive at all times and tried to help me as much as he could. He solved the poseidon interaction problem in a short time and in the latest version (2.01.) he managed to solve the problem with Nature Render. Thanks for everything.
Love it, looks great. one thing i don't understand about unity, why does they not include something so "standard" in today's Gamedev space? Volumetric Fog come built in with Godot and that's great. And i will definitely buy this for unity! ( Gonna see if i can use it in a space game, some smokey / dusty asteroid fields gonna look great! )
GameDev Chris
Lightweight, Easy Integration, Great Performance. The asset is very lightweight and easy to integrate + it exactly does what it is advertised to do. The performance is very good as well which is a big Plus. The implementation does make use of Shader Graphs as well which makes it super easy to extend and integrate with other tools/systems.
I can't believe you got this up and running so fast, beating CS2 to the market.
John Draisey
The most beautiful fire. The photos and videos in here are not good enough until you try it. Is by far the most beautiful and easy to use stylized fire. I am loving Occa Software products. Well done!
Just purchased Buto fog + lighting and it looks super useful. I've tried a fair number of volumetric assets but love how this one is focusing on the usage of the features (and not just showing off presets).
Beautiful on URP. I've been using Buto for a couple of months now, I am very satisfied with it. This asset is very easy to setup and it works exactly as shown in the videos. I am quite pleased with the mood and performance I managed to get in my scenes (URP) with very little tweaks. Worth mentioning that I had a problem with a Buto Light-flickering bug that I reported to the developer, who replied to me swiftly, and issued a fix for it in a matter of days. Great asset and great support!
Simple yet elegant resources. Even though my English is not good, I use Google Translate,But I still want to say that this resource is very good and very easy to use. Of course, the subtext of the ease of use is that this resource can achieve less functions, but this is enough for my project, and the developer is very polite Enthusiasm, I asked a lot of questions, the developer can actively help to solve, this alone, I think this is a very good asset and developer
Awesome. This asset is awesome, because without fog you cannot make good atmosphere.
Nice =)
Milan Kiele
I bought your asset And I gave you Five Stars
amazing vfx, good job
ZH Haddas
Just got done making a ton of assets for my game and I cannot begin to describe how beautiful altos and buto makes the scene
Beautiful Stunning Asset Package! Altos is the most definitive and beautiful sky, cloud and day/night cycle system around! It worked beautifully on my project and is so easy to setup to get gorgeous looking clouds that rival industry standouts such as Microsoft Flight Simulator. Its pleasantly easy to use with very nice gizmos to allow you to visualize how the sun and moon revolve around your scene. Customization is excellent, you can change sky colors at various points throughout the day and the system will transition between them smoothly. You can play around with the cloud settings with its vast variety of noise type, scale and texture mask settings to get almost any style of cloud from super realistic fluffy clouds to cartoony soft bubbly clouds (you can also make blocky minecraft clouds too!) Its soo good and the best thing on top is the developer has a discord and is really friendly and helpful with any questions you have with the asset. Very happy I got this :D
Best. Beauty, it looks very cool, the publisher is very kind and will always help. I recommend this asset, thank you very much for your hard work.
Nice and easy to use. And the creator is nice too. He will help you very fast if you have some trouble.
Great Projectile Simulation. Exactly what I‘am searching for. Simple to use projectile simulation without any assets bloating shooting functionalities like impact effects or zeroing so I can create them by myself. Thank you so much.
mood with your assets is super cool! was looking for volumetric lighting in URP from the beginning. We were using Aura2 before, but this assets works perfectly
That's incredible, this is something which is usually achieved in HDRP, and now it works on Built-in Renderer!! I'm fascinated
Victor Novorski
Must-Have Asset! I highly recommend this dynamic skybox asset to anyone looking for an easy-to-use, yet powerful asset to create stunning skies in seconds. It's worth every penny, and I'm excited to see what other projects I use it in all of my projects! It's highly customizable. You can take control of the sun, moon, sky, clouds, stars and more! For exemple for the stars you can select stars with shaders or image based stars.
Underrated asset.
Peter Moss