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Goodbye Default Skybox! The process of incorporating Altos into my project was smooth and hassle-free. The volumetric clouds and dynamic skybox, along with the configurable day-night cycle, significantly enhanced the atmosphere in my project. I was impressed by the realism and immersion that the skies added to my game world. Although there's still room for improvement, I'm confident that Altos will only get better over time, as the developers are actively working on maintaining and improving the asset. It's reassuring to know that there's ongoing support and commitment to enhancing the features. In summary, my experience with Altos has been positive. The integration, customization, and active development by the team behind it have made it a valuable addition to my Unity project. If you're considering incorporating a sky system into your project, I'd recommend giving Altos a try.
Excellent pairing with the Super Simple Cel Shader! Another great, lightweight and customizable asset from OccaSoftware! Very intuitive and user friendly, again make sure URP and Shader Graph are in your project!
ZH Haddas
amazing vfx, good job
Simple and Straightforward. Does exactly what it's supposed to. Just add the Auto Exposure render feature to your renderer and then drop the AE post processing effect to a volume in your scene. You now have instant or adaptive automatic exposure in URP.
Its amazing and free
Sergey Kamenov
As you said "FINALLY!". Thank you, I'm buying it. Thanks for the great fog asset too
Works wonders on URP. Lots of settings to tweak it to your liking.
very nice, may just purchase when i can and have a play around with it, seems like a valuable asset to have, makes a huge difference to the game!
Looking forward to use this in my next project. Already tested it a bit and is does what it says :)
Lightweight and great looks. Really great asset that fills the gap between a fully-fledged volumetric fog & lighting solution and old-school light shaft shaders. This is very performant and the light shafts look extremely good. You can't go wrong with this asset.
Ef Em
Amazing asset. Bought it the other day and am very pleased with both performance and flexibility!
Thiet Duy - Trần Thiết Duy
very gentle charming Ghibli style ^^ I love it!!!
Great looking light. Awesome looking effect and very performant! Works with directional lights(!) Great support and helpful developer! Plug and play, great looking volumetric sun-rays in URP
Just got done making a ton of assets for my game and I cannot begin to describe how beautiful altos and buto makes the scene
Wonderful author , So fast to improve functionality, It's hard not to like ~
Thank you for providing us this cool asset :)
Shakib Dewan
Great Skybox! Just purchased it and it's absolutely fantastic! Thanks :D
I work primarily in URP, but unfortunately there are still features missing that are available in Built-In and HDRP. This asset brings the much needed Auto Exposure feature back into URP. I use this in pretty much all of my projects now. Very simple and easy to use, great results, highly recommend.
Now THIS, is physically 🅱️ased
Milan Kiele
It looks more like clouds xD Upcoming Update: Clouds ?
I'm still just muckin about making a lot of prototypes, but just wanted to come back and say keep up the good work Michael! Your assets are amazing!
Digital Foundry in a Plugin: It's really tough watching the Unity Stats while also playing the game because there's no data over time. Occa's "Performance UI Widget" solves that by showing "Live" Framerate, Current Milliseconds per Frame, Current percentage of Frame Budgets (your choice of framerate, it's 60FPS by default). And most importantly it shows "Averages" for all 3 data sets. I was immediately able to tell that my opening level was averaging 76 FPS but also dipping down to the mid 50's. Now I can make decisions on effects quality, LODs, etc. Love it!
Victor Novorski
Great asset honestly. Really has a ton of flexibility for directional blur
Simple and beautiful volume fog for URP. While searching for a performant volumetric fog solution for URP, I came across Buto. It is surprisingly simple to set up, but without leaving out any necessary settings or features. On the contrary, it offers a few things that I have rarely found in similar post effects: 1) it allows to only render the computationally expensive volumetric fog effect up to a certain distance from the camera and then seamlessly transition to a simple non-volumetric fog model of the same color, which gives great visual consistency throughout the entire depth of the scene while minimizing the performance hit. 2) The color ramp feature is a simple but powerful way to add color to the dust/ moisture particles. 3) It works great with my other favourite visual assets, HBAO and MK Glow. 4) Anisotropy setting changes the look between more opaque, reflective and transparent "dust", which is an advanced feature often only found in offline renderers. Buto delivers everything it advertises and more. The effect is smoother, with less visual grain and sampling artifacts than the built-in HDRP fog and seems at the same time more performant. I highly recommend this asset. -------------------------------- Edit: After using this asset for about a month now, I would like to add three more thoughts on this asset: 1) The development so far has been amazing. The dev introduced not only bug fixes or minor improvements, but is actively adding big features that increase versatility and productivity. The way noise is handled now allows for more and more detailed, whispy cloud-like looks and the new density masks and integration into the unity volume system make lokalizing the Buto fog much easier. I'm excited to follow the future of this asset. 2) The individual support has been fantastic. Whenever there has been a problem with Buto or I had a feature request, the dev has implemented it or helped solve the issue. He understands the value of feedback and genuinely seems happy to get ideas for improvement fired at him. 3) This asset is a steal. It is easily worth $30. If you have any need for any kind of volumetric dust or fog effects in URP, just do yourself a favor and buy it.
Hey man this looks great! Does the volumetric lighting work with all types of lighting? (Spot, point etc)
The performance is whats really blowing my mind! It looks so good even with a low step count, the taa works like magic. Having more fps is such a game changer 😄
Great, awesome work. It has really a veriety of cross hairs asset pack. Thanksssss..........a........Lot.
Truly impressive asset. Bought it for a school project because it's so cheap. Didn't expected it to be so great for this small price. I'll be back soon :)
Nice and easy to use. And the creator is nice too. He will help you very fast if you have some trouble.
Beautiful on URP. I've been using Buto for a couple of months now, I am very satisfied with it. This asset is very easy to setup and it works exactly as shown in the videos. I am quite pleased with the mood and performance I managed to get in my scenes (URP) with very little tweaks. Worth mentioning that I had a problem with a Buto Light-flickering bug that I reported to the developer, who replied to me swiftly, and issued a fix for it in a matter of days. Great asset and great support!
Mads Vasholt
amazing work!
one of the best cross hair. its really good cross hair which saves time and importantly its free
Bobbville's Unity Tutorials
Crazy detail!
Surya Prakash
Amazing Asset! Easy to implement. Looks beautiful. Although the night sky is missing the moon but it can be added through the shader graph the developer provides. Optimized for performance. Definitely go for it.
Just buy it. Excellent asset, looks brilliant in URP and value for money
Best Support I've Ever Received. This developer has gone above and beyond to help Altos work with my project. I could be more grateful. There still some things (noise artifacts) that I would love to see gone, but I think that's more of an issue of my system, than Altos, itself. Would absolutely recommend this.
Absolutely essential asset. Beautiful clouds and skyboxes that are incredibly easy to implement, with a day/night cycle thrown in to boot like a cherry on top. Everyone needs this! Perfect if you are just getting started in gamedev or you just don't want the headache of making your own clouds/day night cycle/skybox with stars and planets. Works with URP.
Simple to use and beautiful. I compared different assets and this one seemed the most customizable. It was pretty much plug-and-play and works directly with your directional light. I used it for the Oculus Quest 2. It didn't work as a skybox because Oculus doesn't support skybox shadergraph, so I put it on an inverted sphere.
Very Active Dev. I had some troubles getting the shadows to look a certain way and the dev was able to work though the issues. He added a additional feature to support my needs. A+ asset
Nothing superfluous, it just works:) Previously I tried to setup another asset with millons options, which is not understandable without explanation from the author. Here is complete opposite approach: all is perfectly ordered and explained in the docs. Thanks to the Shader graph, algorhytm can be easily reconfigured for the different needs
mood with your assets is super cool! was looking for volumetric lighting in URP from the beginning. We were using Aura2 before, but this assets works perfectly
Good effect. The effect is so good on PC,is there any tune suggestion if I use it on mobile?
Fair price for great asset. Really simple to use and it does the job. Great asset for that price.
jo jo
favorite developer - so much creative potential in this, it literally makes light passing through space an artistic medium, brilliant!
It Just Works - Like a Boss. I saw no performance hit and it elevated the lighting of my environments SO MUCH. It really takes away the harshness of just having lightmaps and gives more 3d depth to the scene. The immersion increases. Intuitive controls over the creative look too!
Lots of options to customize, looks great. I bought this asset for my game (running on the built-in renderer) and it's perfect for my needs! I even managed to tweak the parameters to recreate Mars characteristic sunsets (sounds easy, but so far this is the only asset I managed to do so properly). Works out of the box, it's extremely tweakable and provides everything needed. There's not much else you can ask for a dynamic skybox material, totally recommend this one. Note: you need to install Shader Graph if you want to make it run on BIRP - otherwise you will get pink materials.
Fantastic asset and good support. I had an issue with the newest URP versions (which he does not directly support) and he still helped me and fixed the problem. Great asset, even better price
Awesome. This asset is awesome, because without fog you cannot make good atmosphere.
Great asset, Amazing support. This solution for volumetric lighting is lightweight and it works perfectly. The developer is very responsive and helpful to my questions. Would highly recommend it to anyone needing volumteric lighting in their games.
Love this shader. Easy to use like all OS assets, discord support is PHENOMENAL. These assets are ridiculous quality for the price, you need to buy them before the developer catches on and raises the prices ;)
Bliz Studio
This is really cool. I'll have to download and give it a try!
I use this for unlit shaders to fake light source. I needed something simple and performant for an unlit shader. this did the trick.
Great asset! The person who makes this handsome asset must also be handsome!!
Absolutely love how Buto looks and performs
Amazing! It's simple, it's fast, it's beautiful! Great work :) Love it!
ALTOS is AMAZING. Underrated package. You guys need to put that ALTOS is URP in the description of the package, I almost overlooked it because URP isnt explicitly mentioned and I had to go into the reviews to see someone talked about URP. I would be willing to bet some people just assume its the built-in renderer and walk away.
Milan Kiele
Nice =)
This looks nice
Jean-Loup Martin
Very cool video ! thx !
Super sleek asset, like being back in the 90s
John Eyre
Holy crap, just bought this, looks really awesome thanks
Ef Em
I said it before, I'll say it again: This is incredible value for money! I've tested Unity's HDRP volumetric fog extensively and Buto beats it on every level. It's a joy seeing this grow!
Super easy to set up and very pretty. I love when assets are so easy to use - drag the material into the skybox slot, play around with the mostly self-explanatory settings - done. Fair price as well, maybe in future more cloud textures could be added to customize it more?
I was hoping you had some local volumetric fog asset for urp so i can do this, but this is exactly what I'm looking for lol. I can't wait until it's in the asset store. Any idea when it'll be released?
Great Projectile Simulation. Exactly what I‘am searching for. Simple to use projectile simulation without any assets bloating shooting functionalities like impact effects or zeroing so I can create them by myself. Thank you so much.
Wonderful. I initially bought this asset to use as a transition in my game. However, once I saw how great it looked and how easy it is to control through code, I decided to use it as part of my world edge boundaries. It's really easy to use and is well documented, which let me get it setup and configured very quickly.
Excellent asset for skybox, clouds, and rotating planets and moons. Very light and well written procedural Skybox with components to render clouds and handle the time and the colors of the day. It handles sun and moon, and is customizable so you can have multiple suns and moons, if you like. Just for URP but recommended. The author helps a lot in discord and via email.
Milan Kiele
First!, watching this video for the second time now. Volumetric light and fog for URP seems to be great. I might look into it in the future =)
Nice! It works. thanks.
A very simple and convenient tool and a responsive author.
I LIKE THIS SOO MUCH!!! soo stylish addon, i dont know why this actually FREE. It's fine working with URP
Great asset. I'm reaching out to express my admiration for this product. I find it incredibly easy to use and it has really helped me with my projects.
Did a review, but I have enough money to buy your assets. They are good and they worth their money.
Finally released my game today in Early Access on Steam (utilises Buto and the upcoming Interactive Smoke)
Easy to use. Great look. Awesome price! This assets gives me great looking Volumetric Fog in just a few minutes. Just watch the short an very informative Video and read the 9 page Manual. Other assets from the store required me to study pages over pages of PDFs or overly lenghty and exhausting videos (just my personal experience, these assets may be great for others, but they weren't for me). Buto is so straightforward that it almost made me cry! Thank you OccaSoftware :'-)
Milan Kiele
Dude you are making so much awesome stuff! Why do you only have 118 subs?
Top Notch. This asset was exactly what I was looking for. Easy, effective, performant.
Must-Have Asset! I highly recommend this dynamic skybox asset to anyone looking for an easy-to-use, yet powerful asset to create stunning skies in seconds. It's worth every penny, and I'm excited to see what other projects I use it in all of my projects! It's highly customizable. You can take control of the sun, moon, sky, clouds, stars and more! For exemple for the stars you can select stars with shaders or image based stars.
Very good asset! I like this asset a lot, you can't find anything better for this price! Super cool!
Simon Tysland
By far the best asset on asset store. And the price is too good to be true
Drag and drop cloud shadows. I received this asset for free as part of the publishers 'Free Unity Asset Program'. It does exactly what it says on the tin, instant cloud shadows in my scene. Incredibly easy to use, and has very quickly boosted the visuals in my game. Backed by friendly support from Occa Software. What is not to like! Highly recommended asset and developer.
Actually easy to use! Compared with other volumetric solutions I own this set up is so easy and there aren't 100 variable to fiddle with!
Amazing Quality, Developer VERY Supportive! This asset is such high quality, it helps support areas where URP lacks. Had an issue where overlay camera and anything rendered there was transparent, Told developer and he instantly created me a personal package to fix that bug. Amazing Support, Definitely recommend!
The best, hands down. The absolutely best volumetric vfx for URP on the entire asset store. It's better than all the other competitors.
Eugene Tsiminski
Holy smokes!! :D That's something new! GJ
Amazing support. If I could give 6 stars I would. This man is a legend.
Works rather nicely, easy to use. Has all the most pertinent settings that I needed and it was easy to tune it to my liking. Simple instructions, it dropped right in to replace the previous auto-exposure solution I was using (Beautify). Relies on compute shaders so it might not be as compatible for mobile platforms but it works great on desktop. Nice and tight solution.
Blender Bender
Exactly what i needed, thank you again :)
Yeah I went to claim a free asset but all the assets are so affordable I'll probably just buy them, maybe I'll claim the crosshair one if I ever need it xD
Normally I always need to adapt the shaders I buy to my way of working, however in this shader I have not had to modify it at all, it is perfectly divided into sections within the graphic and the properties are clear and respond perfectly. Without a doubt one of the best assets I have ever purchased. If you need a highly customizable LCD screen effect ready for action, don't hesitate. Recommended purchase.
Just wanted to say again, how awesome your assets are. You price them way too low.
Peter Moss
Underrated asset.
Much better!!! You did a good job on the improvements to this shader. Also feel free to edit, modify or do whatever with the character for personal or commercial usage. My gift back to the community as it were. :)
Bobbville's Unity Tutorials
Nice vid! Like and sub from me! 🔥
Blender Bender
This is really good the only problem I have is not the asset itself but rather the thumbnail for the asset in the asset store looking bad
Simple yet elegant resources. Even though my English is not good, I use Google Translate,But I still want to say that this resource is very good and very easy to use. Of course, the subtext of the ease of use is that this resource can achieve less functions, but this is enough for my project, and the developer is very polite Enthusiasm, I asked a lot of questions, the developer can actively help to solve, this alone, I think this is a very good asset and developer
Perfect for Improved Gameplay Visibility. Just one level in and I'm already able to lower my ACES exposure back to 0-ish, remove some point lights and just allow this plugin to handle exposure in my problem areas. Great controls too. I ended up doing -2 and +2 exposure instead of the default 0 and 12. Your needs may vary.
Incredible asset, and the constant updates are amazing. Super performant and looks sooo good! Great to use to blend camera distance culling. Super support in the discord too. This is a level above all other fog solutions. Easily worth a much higher price. Thank you!
Great URP Asset. Works very well and dramatically changes the mood of a scene. Highly recommend!
Absolutely Excellent. At the current price of $10 this asset is an absolute steal, I would happily have paid triple for the results I've gotten with this tool. Great work!
Ponad chmurami
wow look good
Lightweight yet effective! This is a Cel Shader that takes into account your lighting settings in your project! It does an excellent job working right out of the box. Make sure you're using URP in your project, as well as Shader Graph. With those, it's so simple to start off a project with this smooth, completely controllable shader affecting everything in your game view! You can play test and alter settings for your shader in a simple editor window in the inspector!
John Draisey
This would make my racing game look more interesting in levels with broken cloud skyboxes, I'll give it at shot.
Amazing. Hey finnally I bought your asset Your asset is Really cool, amazing and Fantastic
Beautiful Stunning Asset Package! Altos is the most definitive and beautiful sky, cloud and day/night cycle system around! It worked beautifully on my project and is so easy to setup to get gorgeous looking clouds that rival industry standouts such as Microsoft Flight Simulator. Its pleasantly easy to use with very nice gizmos to allow you to visualize how the sun and moon revolve around your scene. Customization is excellent, you can change sky colors at various points throughout the day and the system will transition between them smoothly. You can play around with the cloud settings with its vast variety of noise type, scale and texture mask settings to get almost any style of cloud from super realistic fluffy clouds to cartoony soft bubbly clouds (you can also make blocky minecraft clouds too!) Its soo good and the best thing on top is the developer has a discord and is really friendly and helpful with any questions you have with the asset. Very happy I got this :D
Ef Em
Great seeing your commitment to this asset! It has been great since version 1, yet you keep refining and improving it so that now, with all the recently added enhancements to noise, it is a truly unique piece of software. Thank you, I'm excited to see the development of this!
Responsive support and a beautiful stylized skybox. The developer of this asset provides uncharacteristically great customer support via Discord. The sky, even though stylized by design, provides a beautiful HDR gradient with procedural elements added into the mix. The sky is drag and drop and just works. You'll find it extremely straightforward to tweak to your own project, making it both designer and programmer friendly.
Fantastic shader! Awesome shader, does way more than it shows off in the description. Lots of customizations, from distortions, viewing angles, glow from the screen, the size of the diodes (can be made to look like a flickering analogue screen too). Awesome effects, and super fun to play around with. Put realistic monitors or billboards in your game, then add distortion or flickering upon damage, so many options! Super support from the developer too!
Gabriel Dagostin
Hi all! Gabriel here, working for and representing Ossian Studios 🙂 We're currently analyzing and testing out different options for our sky/vol. fog and weather systems and the OS assets seem like great candidates! Love how the clouds and fog look so far
Hi. Nice video, thanks for making the asset available, too.
Looks good, free, has transparency. At least take a look at the sample scene before deciding not to use this... And then at that point you already have 25 crosshairs ready to go! I never need another crosshair again.
Looks and performs great! Adds a nice effect for instance when in combat and attacking, or for any other fast action. Super support available if needed too, like all OccaSoftware assets! A+++ Thank you! :)
Looking forward to seeing where this goes -- I just recently got the Buto volumetric fog and it's been great. Great work!
RT and Quibli have a real competitor 1. The asset is a Shader graph meaning that as you grow your skill in Unity Shader Graph, you can modify it for your specific purpose 2. After purchase, I have reported 1 bug and 1 missing feature, the next two days the bug is gone and the missing feature is available 3. The dev is very responsive in fixing bugs and giving me how to get my desired result
Amazing asset! I just got it and it is really nice, thanks
This asset feels and looks so nice! The developer is very helpful and responds quickly. This has improved my smoke grenade by 1000%
Oh yeah, this looks great. Enjoying the original asset - when do you think we’ll see this update? :)
Awesome Asset! This asset was a great add on to my fps game! So many new crosshairs means I can have a huge variety for the guns! the best part is that it's free! Highly recommended for anyone making an fps!
Nice, easy to use! Unfortunately did not work on my mobile phone(Android), but very cool non the less!
Just researching glo Al fogs today... Its the sun... Found you. Cheers.
This is FANTASTIC value!! In the words of the suggested text "Really amazing asset!!". And it really is. It provides amazing volumetric fog and light, really adds atmosphere to your scene. It's very performant, words in URP, and at just TEN BUCKS .... Also Michael the creator is responsive and a nice guy. BUY THIS NOW IF NOT SOONER! And no, I am not affiliated with Michael in anyway, I just know an amazing asset when I see one.
Great asset and above all great support. I bought this asset some time ago and it worked perfectly, except for the interaction with two other assets (Nature render and Poseidon). I contacted with the developer of LSPP and his support was awesome. He was attentive at all times and tried to help me as much as he could. He solved the poseidon interaction problem in a short time and in the latest version (2.01.) he managed to solve the problem with Nature Render. Thanks for everything.
Great Asset,my go to asset for quick prototyping...High Recommended
Great value and great asset! Great asset, fog works well on URP, updates are good and great value!
Insanely effective asset for the price, and well worth it! I am a huge "cloud" guy, my head is always in them haha. When I saw this asset I HAD to try it out, and of course the publisher is wonderfully kind, so I wanted to support the artist. This did not disappoint, and using it with URP really provided wonderful results! 10/10
Perfect, fantastic update - thank you!!
jo jo
I imagine light beams becoming visible through a dust cloud from a car driving down a dirt road - entering a progressively foggy area in a swamp. So awesome how you are integrating with volumes!
Erik M
Looks great! Does it work with spotlights, directionals? If so i will buy it right away
Very good looking asset! I recommend this asset to everyone, it's really does what it says!
Amazing fog FX for a low price. I've wanted to add volumetric fog to my games and create more 'atmosphere' but haven't had the time to work it out myself. I decided to check the asset store and thought I'd give Buto a try given the very reasonable price. Long story short, I've barely played around with it and am impressed with the available customizations. My current project is a 2D game but the developer worked with me via email to help me get it working for my specific situation. Highly recommend this asset!
David Wu
This is awesome! Keep up the awesome content
John Draisey
I can't believe you got this up and running so fast, beating CS2 to the market.
Milan Kiele
Looks very Pro ! Worth every dollar and cent.
Simon Tysland
Awesome stuff, can't wait for the update
Thank you for the Buto update 😁 Upgraded from 3.5.0 to 3.6.2 and I'm getting even better performance, and it looks so good 🤩 Awesome work!
Awesome & incredible support. We had small issues with the asset, wrote an email to OccaSoftware and he fix them right away and even explain to us the matter of the issue! Now our game looks better with these effects, that are not included in URP. 6 stars out of 5.
Super simple and effective. This is plug and play solution with eye candy result but has nice, ready to use panel with sliders for tweaks. It is possible to make even deeper changes with providing your own textures (there are already some prepared to play with), all intuitive and easy to learn. Super Simple refers to usage, plugin recomended for beginers but looks it is designed with performance in mind so it is for everyone. Probably the best in class on asset store
This looks amazing! I'm looking to make a flashlight with defined edges. Is that possible with either Buto or LSPP currently? Or are there any plans to add support for spotlights in either Buto or LSPP?
Its good, its really good. Experienced tech artist here - this thing works and is ok in terms of optimizations. It have very good potential if the author develop it as a more versatile solution.
Simple and customizable! Really easy to learn, has tons of different options for customization, and looks stunning! Has all the things you'd expect from a sky: sun, moon, stars, clouds, etc. Bought at 70% off but definitely worth the full price
I bought your asset And I gave you Five Stars
Judah Mantell
This looks great! I know you say it's stylized, but I think it looks pretty realistic!
AMAZING! This is an amazing asset and it does almost everything you want it to do. The price is a steal. 100% recomend.
One of the best asset for skies! It's really easy to use and get really beautiful results. It's highly customizeable and easy to understand and use. I really recommend this asset if you need a beautiful looking and performant sky in your scene.
Ef Em
Wow, amazing improvements!
Milan Kiele
I thinkh you offer so many great things to make urp really great, do you thinkh it will be possible to have more Realtime lights and shadows working in urp?
This is one of the best asset bundles out there. Honestly, this bundle is highly recommended for any game developer that doesn't want to spend time researching for solutions that should be out of the box in Unity. The quality and performance of the systems are outstanding and the developer is really responsive and supportive!
Jason Woodsum
Amazing work man. Thank you!!
Ef Em
Fantastic update, Michael! Looking forward to trying it out ... Will you implement Altos' temporal sampling to combat the noise?
Amazing product, definitely would recommend! It was very easy to add to my unity project, and fits into every scene I've tried with it. 100% worth it, especially with that price!
Superb asset for URP fog! I'm using this to create beautiful height based fog for my desert planet terrain. Looking towards the horizon the Distance Fog feature really makes it look so much better compared to the standard URP fog, there is no comparison! Very helpful and professional creator who answered my questions when I had problems with the fog being over-exposed. However, since the asset has been updated I have tried 3.6.3 in Unity 2022.2.17 and the problem has disappeared! (I had to delete the OccaSoftware folder and re-import). Now it works like a charm. I am very happy with this asset, I can really recommend it!
Brilliant free effect! This is a really cool, flexible effect - could be a ghost, photo negative or variety of other uses. Especially in URP, its one of the best available
Awesome asset. Very good asset, developer fixed the issues I had originally in updates. Will for sure be used in the next project :)
All this for $10? Fuck... yes...
The most beautiful fire. The photos and videos in here are not good enough until you try it. Is by far the most beautiful and easy to use stylized fire. I am loving Occa Software products. Well done!
After 14 months of working on this game, and thanks to Buto Fog, I'm proud to say, "Voxel Miner: Dwellers of the Deep" is finally releasing next month!
Tim Krüger
Thx man, now I can focus more on main game mechanics.
Just purchased Buto fog + lighting and it looks super useful. I've tried a fair number of volumetric assets but love how this one is focusing on the usage of the features (and not just showing off presets).
Very interesting grass appearance - Absolutely recommend. I really love how this asset renders grass. Its quite unique from other grass shaders! The grass looks and moves quite nicely, and its uniqueness gives it an edge over other grass assets. A lot of assets seem to have a "samey-ness", so this can really set your project apart from the rest. It is also VERY easy to use and implement, drag and drop. And at this price you should definitely try it out!
Victor Novorski
That's incredible, this is something which is usually achieved in HDRP, and now it works on Built-in Renderer!! I'm fascinated
Nice! This is why I like your assets. You think about the neatness of things, which many developers do not. Look forward to your future assets. Assuming I ever make any money back on my game! 😄
Victor Novorski
😦 that's the smoke physics from CS2. Genius
Amazing Asset! It's really a great asset. With this asset I have finally created the look I was going for my project. URP really needed an asset like this. One thing to note while using the asset is that, its a screen space effect which means you have to increase or decrease the fog's intensity through script to get in or out of the fog effect depending on the condition that suits your project. Also the effect is created using Ray marching which costs the performance a little. But it can be optimized according to your project. Overall I think its a great asset for URP.
Simple Radial Blur improves melee combat, and was super easy to integrate
Great Asset for URP. On my project I initially started with HDRP but found it too expensive too run with all the post-processing and lighting etc. I switched to URP and found Buto as a solution for my volumetric lighting. I'm really glad I found this asset as it's performance is great! Really easy to set up and gives you really great results. I really do recommend this asset if you want a performant volumetric lighting/fog.
Good so far. Please consider adding toggles for sun/moon/stars features as many use baked lighting anyways so rendering overhead for unused resources is undesirable. Or is there already such a feature I am missing? :) More cloud textures or texture blending would be great for further variety! Hope this asset works flawlessly for mac and linux as well if so it's priceless Best of luck to you and your business, Michael!
Hi Michael, just bought Buto and i've been playing around it since morning, it's really cool what you've guys have done!
Fantastic Fog Asset. does exactly what it says, looks real good while doing it, good customization. would LOVE for this to be VR compatible someday but I can't complain. fast response from dev for help as well
Laraine Sacco
This is so realistic! Fantastic job! Keep it up!
AMAZING ASSET! Very good looking asset with amazing price!!!
Great Skybox. Easy, fast, beautiful, and everything is open to your customization. Excellent work.
Very nice simple skybox. My hope is that it stays that way. A few new features were added recently but personally I'd rather it remained lean and performant. There's an issue with Single Pass Instanced rendering in VR, which the developer was very helpful with on his discord. Pointed me in the direction of an explanation of the bug: from which I was able to create a work around: Exported the shader code using 'View Generated Shader' on the ShaderGraph, and created a new shader from that. Then set ZClip False on line 77 (in Pass after ZWrite On)
Honestly the best cel / toon shader in its category. Very simple to use out of the box, has quite a few options for customizing it to your needs and is supported by shader graph, which makes it easy to tweak to your likings!
Simply Brilliant! One of the most correct Unity Asset I've come across so far. High Quality asset, very well presented and documented. Highly Recommend 10/10
Omg I was waiting for the video, IM BUYING THE ASSET! Great Work!
Solid asset. Nice asset providing a simple feature URP hasn't delivered on in years for some reason. Some additional controls for filtering luminance ranges and controlling the screen position weighting would be nice.
Just wanted to share a screenshot and say hello and thank you!
Looks Beautiful and has many features! This skybox is awesome, simply put. Being able to have realistic skies with nothing but a single material (and some textures) is so freeing. For a basic scene, I no longer need a complicated hierarchy. And the fact that it includes clouds and stars all in a single shader is amazing. I highly recommend it!
Cool, and price good)
jo jo
Clean one
Jademonas S2
thats insane! super cool stuff
We decided to ditch NILO toon shader - yes the one that Genshin Impact are selling and using - in favor of TOON KIT 2 - there are many reasons for that but most important is the shader is VERY heavy and has its own implementation of Z-Buffer handling and camera depth. The complexity is so great you have to have dedicated tech artist only to manage it and integrate it with all custom things you may come. Which was no go for a small team
Lightweight And Amazing. Super Simple Skybox is one of the top solutions in its class. It is easy to learn and extremely user-friendly, with great documentation and many features. It is one of the most performant skybox solutions I've ever used, and I've tried nearly all of the most notable solutions. So, if you're looking for a lightweight, well-rounded solution for a skybox, this should be your main choice.
Amazing volumetric fog solution for URP! This is an incredible solution for adding beautiful volumetric lighting to your game. It's super intuitive and easy to set up. And it's well worth the price. Can't recommend it enough!
Very nice! The asset is optimized for mobile?
Looks great, best volumetrics I've seen for URP by far! Are point and spot lights supported, and does it work in VR?
Took my game from Indie to Pro Visuals Instantly. Very easy to set up since it uses the Global Volume stack in URP. I went with Medium quality setting, and it adds so much to the visual quality! Feels more like an HDRP project now.
Stunning asset. Works like a charm with lot of options to customize the skybox, but what is best is that you can still see your directional light on the background and the skybox is adapted to it! Tested in 2021.2.15 with URP
Awesome volumetric fog/lighting solution for URP! I was going crazy trying to make my own volumetric fog/lighting for URP (followed a few tutorials) but nothing looked how I wanted it to. This asset so far has been exactly what I wanted. The added atmosphere really brings depth and life to my scene which was sorely lacking. My world looks beautiful now. Great asset!
Simon Tysland
Tyler Lovell
Always impressed with your work, some of the best stuff out there!
is it cool to tag occasoftware in some positive tweets showing stuff off? happy to post in the ⁠made-with-occasoftware channel too 🙂
Best. Beauty, it looks very cool, the publisher is very kind and will always help. I recommend this asset, thank you very much for your hard work.
Easy to use. Does exactly what it says and is very easy to setup! Can be paired nicely with the God Rays asset from Occa also
Lightweight, Easy Integration, Great Performance. The asset is very lightweight and easy to integrate + it exactly does what it is advertised to do. The performance is very good as well which is a big Plus. The implementation does make use of Shader Graphs as well which makes it super easy to extend and integrate with other tools/systems.
GameDev Chris
Love it, looks great. one thing i don't understand about unity, why does they not include something so "standard" in today's Gamedev space? Volumetric Fog come built in with Godot and that's great. And i will definitely buy this for unity! ( Gonna see if i can use it in a space game, some smokey / dusty asteroid fields gonna look great! )
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