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Looks Beautiful and has many features! This skybox is awesome, simply put. Being able to have realistic skies with nothing but a single material (and some textures) is so freeing. For a basic scene, I no longer need a complicated hierarchy. And the fact that it includes clouds and stars all in a single shader is amazing. I highly recommend it!
I can't believe you got this up and running so fast, beating CS2 to the market.
John Draisey
Simon Tysland
Great URP Asset. Works very well and dramatically changes the mood of a scene. Highly recommend!
Hi Michael, just bought Buto and i've been playing around it since morning, it's really cool what you've guys have done!
Great Asset,my go to asset for quick prototyping...High Recommended
Nothing superfluous, it just works:) Previously I tried to setup another asset with millons options, which is not understandable without explanation from the author. Here is complete opposite approach: all is perfectly ordered and explained in the docs. Thanks to the Shader graph, algorhytm can be easily reconfigured for the different needs
Excellent pairing with the Super Simple Cel Shader! Another great, lightweight and customizable asset from OccaSoftware! Very intuitive and user friendly, again make sure URP and Shader Graph are in your project!
Absolutely love how Buto looks and performs
Simple and Straightforward. Does exactly what it's supposed to. Just add the Auto Exposure render feature to your renderer and then drop the AE post processing effect to a volume in your scene. You now have instant or adaptive automatic exposure in URP.
Amazing fog FX for a low price. I've wanted to add volumetric fog to my games and create more 'atmosphere' but haven't had the time to work it out myself. I decided to check the asset store and thought I'd give Buto a try given the very reasonable price. Long story short, I've barely played around with it and am impressed with the available customizations. My current project is a 2D game but the developer worked with me via email to help me get it working for my specific situation. Highly recommend this asset!
Lots of options to customize, looks great. I bought this asset for my game (running on the built-in renderer) and it's perfect for my needs! I even managed to tweak the parameters to recreate Mars characteristic sunsets (sounds easy, but so far this is the only asset I managed to do so properly). Works out of the box, it's extremely tweakable and provides everything needed. There's not much else you can ask for a dynamic skybox material, totally recommend this one. Note: you need to install Shader Graph if you want to make it run on BIRP - otherwise you will get pink materials.
I work primarily in URP, but unfortunately there are still features missing that are available in Built-In and HDRP. This asset brings the much needed Auto Exposure feature back into URP. I use this in pretty much all of my projects now. Very simple and easy to use, great results, highly recommend.
Great value and great asset! Great asset, fog works well on URP, updates are good and great value!
This asset feels and looks so nice! The developer is very helpful and responds quickly. This has improved my smoke grenade by 1000%
Must-Have Asset! I highly recommend this dynamic skybox asset to anyone looking for an easy-to-use, yet powerful asset to create stunning skies in seconds. It's worth every penny, and I'm excited to see what other projects I use it in all of my projects! It's highly customizable. You can take control of the sun, moon, sky, clouds, stars and more! For exemple for the stars you can select stars with shaders or image based stars.
Perfect, fantastic update - thank you!!
Just buy it. Excellent asset, looks brilliant in URP and value for money
The performance is whats really blowing my mind! It looks so good even with a low step count, the taa works like magic. Having more fps is such a game changer 😄
Milan Kiele
Surya Prakash
Lightweight And Amazing. Super Simple Skybox is one of the top solutions in its class. It is easy to learn and extremely user-friendly, with great documentation and many features. It is one of the most performant skybox solutions I've ever used, and I've tried nearly all of the most notable solutions. So, if you're looking for a lightweight, well-rounded solution for a skybox, this should be your main choice.
Looking forward to seeing where this goes -- I just recently got the Buto volumetric fog and it's been great. Great work!
Looking forward to use this in my next project. Already tested it a bit and is does what it says :)