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About the Game Idea Generator Tool

+ (billion) possible idea combinations to spark your creativity.

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About this game idea generator

Welcome to OccaSoftware's random idea generator for games!

I recently participated in a game jam. And I needed to figure out what sort of project to make. I brainstormed some ideas and categories for the genre, setting, and mechanics. But, I'll tell you what. I was stuck.

So, I carved out a few hours. And, I'll tell you what. I brainstormed hundreds of game objectives, mechanics, and environments. Then, I had a new problem - too many ideas in too many categories and no way to organize them.

I dug out my trusty JavaScript skills to slap these ideas into several arrays. I put together some buttons. And, like that - bam! My game generator was born.

What is this website?

This website is a powerful and silly random category generator tool. I designed it to help you spark your creativity.

If you are creating a video game or a board game, this is the tool for you! It is crucial to brainstorm fun and wacky projects to challenge your imagination. By going a little crazy, you can take your games to the next level.

This app isn't exactly a plot generator. But you can also use it to develop story ideas for your game.

I designed this random idea generator to make it easier to invent great game ideas.

More than 10,000,000,000 combinations

With more than 10 billion combinations, I guarantee you will generate something. At the very least, you will have a lot of random game ideas. No promises. *shrugs*.

I will continue to add new ideas in each category over time. Make sure that you bookmark this page and come back in the future for even more great ideas.

Randomize all categories at once.

Click the "Generate New Game Idea" button to create a new idea. Our system will roll the dice to pick an option from the five random idea categories.

This tool has five unique categories to help you push the limit of your creativity. These five categories are:

Randomize one category at a time

You can re-roll one theme at a time, as well.

To re-roll only one of the categories, you click on that category button. The generator will keep all the other categories as they are - they won't change. But the type that you click on will show a new idea.

5 Unique Categories

The genre sets the style and category of your project. There are a ton of different game genres, so it can take time to settle on the perfect one for your project. It can range from action-packed adventures to immersive role-playing experiences. You might see strategy-driven challenges, simulation-based gameplay, or even puzzle-solving journeys. Expect a wide variety of fun genres for this category.

The setting is the backdrop against which your world takes place. This category includes ideas that relate to your game's setting. What is the environment like? Do you transport your players to a fantasy realm or a futuristic sci-fi world? A scary dungeon? What about a post-apocalyptic landscape or the medieval times? The setting category will help you create a unique environment for your players.

The mechanic refers to the core gameplay element that drives your game forward. It can be a unique combat system or puzzle-solving mechanics. Your core mechanic could be exploration or strategic decision-making. Or, you could go for platforming mechanics or fast reactions. This category relates to any interactive element that defines the player's experience.

The goal defines the primary purpose or challenge players must strive to achieve in the game. This category includes a variety of different options. You may encounter classic choices like completing quests or reaching specific milestones. Or, you could see more unusual challenges. For example, you might ask players to solve a mystery or perform incredible stunts. The goal is the primary task that keeps players engaged, immersed, and motivated.

Unusual Mechanic
The unusual mechanic introduces a distinct and unconventional gameplay element or constraint. This mechanic adds a unique twist to your game. Remember that Zelda rhythm game? A bit unusual.

This category includes a variety of options. You might play with features that the player expects to have access to. For example, you might limit their in-game visibility. Using an unusual control scheme, you might mess with how they interact with the game. Or, let the player manipulate in-game time or gravity.

Think of the Unusual Mechanic as the plot twist of your game.

This category is the core innovative feature that sets your game apart.

Jump-start your game :)

Feel free to leverage the generated prompts in any manner that suits your creative vision. I am excited to see the fun and wacky ideas that emerge from this process. And I hope you enjoy my game theme generator!

I would love to see what you make! Please share your projects on our Discord - especially any Unity game ideas!

If you have any suggestions for improvements to this tool or want to connect with me, please feel free to email me. You can reach me at

Now, let your imagination run wild. Create some great games that get your players engaged!

A random idea generator for games by OccaSoftware.

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