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Make immersive and believable environments with volumetric lighting and volumetric fog.
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Unlock your world with dynamic weather, volumetric clouds, and a powerful day management system.
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Super easy to set up and very pretty. I love when assets are so easy to use - drag the material into the skybox slot, play around with the mostly self-explanatory settings - done. Fair price as well, maybe in future more cloud textures could be added to customize it more?
Easy to use. Great look. Awesome price! This assets gives me great looking Volumetric Fog in just a few minutes. Just watch the short an very informative Video and read the 9 page Manual. Other assets from the store required me to study pages over pages of PDFs or overly lenghty and exhausting videos (just my personal experience, these assets may be great for others, but they weren't for me). Buto is so straightforward that it almost made me cry! Thank you OccaSoftware :'-)
Fair price for great asset. Really simple to use and it does the job. Great asset for that price.
Nice! It works. thanks.
Surya Prakash
All this for $10? Fuck... yes...

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