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OccaSoftware is a powerful suite of world-building assets, visual effects, camera systems for Unity URP. Our assets and tools make it easy for hobbyists, indie game developers, and small game studios to make a game around their creative vision.


No upfront payments. Pay as you build. Get the latest features, all the time, without paid upgrades or confusing major version splits.

Made for Unity

Designed to meet you where you are. Assets and tools that feel like Unity-native systems so you can focus on building instead of learning a new UI.


Try everything we have to offer without spending a cent. We know you'll love it.

Powerful tools used by thousands of indie game devs

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Complete control

Make a game that perfectly matches with your creative vision. OccaSoftware runs things in the background so you can focus on the big picture instead of wrangling code.

Unparalleled visual fidelity

OccaSoftware comes with dozens of must-have rendering and graphics tools that work together to make your game look great. No art skills required.

Build faster, build more

Build your game quicker, release sooner, and make more sales so that you can keep doing what you love - making great games.

Save with subscription-based pricing

Retain better cash flow and defer costs with pricing that matches your usage.

$900 upfront

We did the math so you don't have to. If you bought individual assets that stack up to everything we offer at OccaSoftware, you'd spend hundreds of dollars in upfront fees and waste dozens of hours comparing features. Then you'd spend even more paying for updates, upgrades, and compatibility patches.

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Transform your game in minutes

Mix-and-match unlimited environment, visual effects, and cinematography assets to make your vision a reality.


  • Dynamic skybox
  • Volumetric clouds
  • Day-night cycle
  • Planets and moons
  • Volumetric fog and lighting
  • Responsive smokes
  • Atmospheric haze
  • Volumetric grass
  • Global illumination
  • Particle effects

Visual Effects

  • Toon shader
  • Realistic shader
  • Ghost shader
  • Outline shader
  • Triplanar shader
  • Pixelizer image effect
  • Posterize image effect
  • Dynamic eye rendering
  • LCD screen shader
  • Wireframe shader


  • Automatic exposure metering
  • Camera motion blur
  • Object motion blur
  • Zoom blur
  • Gaussian blur


  • Texture channel packing
  • Game speed insights
  • Object pooling solutions
  • Physically-based ballistics toolkit

Materials & Textures

  • Realistic materials
  • Stylized materials
  • Crosshair textures

Privacy-friendly, lightweight speed insights
Coming soon

Upgrade your game's post-launch delivery with actionable, real-time insights showing you how it performs on player devices.

Made for you

OccaSoftware is perfect for solo developers and small teams of developers.

Game designers

Designers love how easy it is to build exciting and fun gameplay systems, then integrate the gameplay with fantastic visual feedback.

Game artists

Artists love how easy it is to use OccaSoftware to take complete control over their game's visuals and make their creative vision come to life. All with no coding required.

Game programmers

Programmers love our tools tight integration with Unity, allowing them to optimize performance and implement advanced features without compromising on efficiency or control.

Solo developers

Solo developers love that our comprehensive suite enables them to create immersive gaming experiences without the need for a large team or extensive resources.

Modern, focused, reliable

Bleeding edge

We design our gameplay tools for bleeding-edge desktop and high-end hardware platforms like Xbox and PlayStation.


When we have to choose, we focus our graphics systems on Unity's Universal Render Pipeline. This enables us to deliver better, more focused packages and documentation for your project.


Our assets are designed for the latest version of Unity's Editor, so you can confidently take advantage of the latest features. If you're on an earlier version - no problem. You can download previous versions of any of our tools.

Low poly, stylized, realistic - you're good to go

Low Poly

Low poly games benefit from advanced cinematic features to help you highlight your killer edges and fine-tuned tri placement.


Stylized games benefit from our huge visual effects suite that help you express and fine-tune creative lighting, characters, and shaders.


Realistic games benefit from rendering techniques used by AAA studios like Rockstar, Guerrilla Games, and FromSoftware - volumetric fog, clouds, and beautiful lighting help your game impress players and demonstrate unmatched realism.


We carefully design our systems to just work - regardless of your game's gameplay style.

ActionAdventureRole-PlayingStrategySimulationPuzzlePlatformerShooterFightingSportsRacingSandboxStealthSurvivalHorrorEducationalMusic/RhythmParty/MinigamesVisual NovelInteractive FictionArcadeCasualRhythmCardBoardTriviaWordIdleTower DefenseRogue-liteRogue-likeTurn-based TacticsReal-time TacticsGrand StrategyCity BuildingTycoonLife SimulationDating SimTime ManagementMysteryDetectiveRoguelikePoint-and-ClickEscape RoomOpen WorldMetroidvaniaMMORPGMOBARTSTBSArtilleryBattle RoyaleManagement SimulatorsBattle ArenaRoguelike DeckbuilderHack and SlashBeat 'em upBullet HellTactical ShooterArcade RacingCombat RacingFlight SimulationSpace CombatGod GameReal-time 4XIsometricTop-down ShooterTop-down RacingThird-Person ShooterFirst-Person ShooterRoguelightVehicle SimulationCombat Flight SimulationSports SimulationVisual NovelText AdventureRacing SimulationSpace Trading and CombatArtillery GameDating SimulationTower DefenseVehicle CombatFlight SimulatorsArtillery ShooterPhysics GameReal-Time StrategySurvival HorrorBattle RoyaleDating SimsVehicle SimsTrain SimsReal-Time TacticsTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based TacticsTactical ShooterStealth GameFarming SimulatorsSurvival GameParty GameMusic GameRacing GameBattle ArenaFighting GameCollectible Card GameDeck-Building GameBoard GameAction-AdventureOpen-WorldSandboxRole-Playing ShooterSurvival SandboxLife SimulationVirtual PetGod GameBusiness SimulationMedical SimulationEducational

Developer-friendly and well documented

Open-sourced, reader-friendly documentation makes it easy to get up to speed on each modular tool.

Compatible with your other assets

OccaSoftware assets are carefully designed to leverage built-in Unity features so that they integrate well in the Unity tools ecosystem.

Used (and loved) by thousands of indie game devs

Easy to use. From a visual point of view, you will achieve good results. The ease of use impressed me. It's all contained in a single shader. It doesn't seem to impact performance, it has day and night cycles, anyway, if the focus is not maximum realism, here could be your out-of-the-box solution.


Best Fog, Best Support. It's the best solution at the moment. I also had a problem and the author responded after 10 minutes via mail. The only point: This asset is worth too little. Seriously, another person would sell it for $30+.


Performance! If you want something performant, straight forward and to the point—this is it. Works as promised, looks good. Occasoft does it again.


Some really cool stuff! This asset has a variety of interesting effects. My favourite, by far, is the fireworks effect. It is really easy to use; Drag and drop a prefab and you're done. They're pretty easy to modify as well (both in terms of the properties and the VFX graph itself). I already use a few of these in my own project and they look great!


Incredible configurability, ease of use, and support. Altos is pretty much one of the best performant solutions for a dynamic atmosphere system that lets you just do so much. Using it in conjunction with something like Buto creates amazing results. The newest weather effects look incredible and I can't believe how performant they are.


Wonderful Sky and great support! Works perfectly in URP. Was easy to install when following the written guide. Great support by Michael, totally dedicated to help users with the asset. The settings are wide and great, you can make your own skies, as needed by your projects. Highly recommended. Thank you very much!


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