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Streamline your game planning with our suite of pre-production tools. From idea development to concept art, we've got you covered.


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“Easy to use. From a visual point of view, you will achieve good results. The ease of use impressed me. It's all contained in a single shader. It doesn't seem to impact performance, it has day and night cycles, anyway, if the focus is not maximum realism, here could be your out-of-the-box solution.”

— fertel

“Best Fog, Best Support. It's the best solution at the moment. I also had a problem and the author responded after 10 minutes via mail. The only point: This asset is worth too little. Seriously, another person would sell it for $30+.”

— strelitziareg

“Performance! If you want something performant, straight forward and to the point—this is it. Works as promised, looks good. Occasoft does it again.”

— JuniorLongfellow

“Some really cool stuff! This asset has a variety of interesting effects. My favourite, by far, is the fireworks effect. It is really easy to use; Drag and drop a prefab and you're done. They're pretty easy to modify as well (both in terms of the properties and the VFX graph itself). I already use a few of these in my own project and they look great!”

— makistakmag4

“Incredible configurability, ease of use, and support. Altos is pretty much one of the best performant solutions for a dynamic atmosphere system that lets you just do so much. Using it in conjunction with something like Buto creates amazing results. The newest weather effects look incredible and I can't believe how performant they are.”

— KyleJLi

“Wonderful Sky and great support! Works perfectly in URP. Was easy to install when following the written guide. Great support by Michael, totally dedicated to help users with the asset. The settings are wide and great, you can make your own skies, as needed by your projects. Highly recommended. Thank you very much!”

— mimirama
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Bring your ideas to life

Streamline your game planning with our suite of pre-production tools. From idea development to concept art, we've got you covered.

  • On-staff game designer

    Our AI-powered ideation tools help you generate and refine game concepts, ensuring your vision is on point from the start.

    Brainstorm Ideas
  • An artist in your pocket

    Create concept art, background scenery, icons and UI elements, and more with instant AI-powered concept art tools help you quickly generate high-quality visuals to help you bring your game to life.

    Get Art
  • Your personal music composer

    Instantly create music for your game without any audio skills or musical talent required. Whether you're making brooding horror tracks or fast-paced racer beats, it's never been easier to get what you need.

    Make Music
Bring your ideas to life

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  • Showcase your games across multiple platforms
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