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Milan Kiele
Very Active Dev. I had some troubles getting the shadows to look a certain way and the dev was able to work though the issues. He added a additional feature to support my needs. A+ asset
Great seeing your commitment to this asset! It has been great since version 1, yet you keep refining and improving it so that now, with all the recently added enhancements to noise, it is a truly unique piece of software. Thank you, I'm excited to see the development of this!
Ef Em
Super easy to set up and very pretty. I love when assets are so easy to use - drag the material into the skybox slot, play around with the mostly self-explanatory settings - done. Fair price as well, maybe in future more cloud textures could be added to customize it more?
Nice! It works. thanks.
Good so far. Please consider adding toggles for sun/moon/stars features as many use baked lighting anyways so rendering overhead for unused resources is undesirable. Or is there already such a feature I am missing? :) More cloud textures or texture blending would be great for further variety! Hope this asset works flawlessly for mac and linux as well if so it's priceless Best of luck to you and your business, Michael!

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