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OccaSoftware assets are licensed to the user with the paid subscription. Local taxes may apply.

Most common questions

What is Occasoftware, and what's included in the subscription?

Occasoftware is an all-in-one platform for game creators, providing unlimited downloads of professional game assets, including: shaders, visual effects, post-processing effects, camera controllers, development tools, world-building tools, textures and materials, models, and plugins. It also offers web-based game creation tools such as a game idea generator and AI image generator, and marketing tools like Devpages, all in one subscription.

How does the unlimited download license work?

As a paid member, you can use unlimited assets in as many projects as you'd like. If you cancel your paid membership, you can no longer use your downloaded assets in new projects.

Can I use Occasoftware assets for commercial use?

Yes! All assets are cleared for commercial use. As always, use your judgment about AI-generated content (e.g., outputs from our AI Image Generator) with Steam and other platforms that moderate AI content.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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