Sell game assets on OccaSoftware

Become an OccaSoftware contributor. Make money selling your game assets and development tools online. We love thrifting, so think of like a thrift store for assets you made that are gathering dust in the back of your hard drive.

(Achoo! 🤧)

Dig up editor tools, shaders, visual effects, models, environments, etc. Whatever you don't want, we want.
Upload your resources to Occasoftware through our intuitive and easy-to-use tool.
(...which doesn't exist yet. The easy-to-use tool is me. Thanks!).
Make (a little) money up-front for resources that you contribute.

Why become a contributor?

Get shmoney

We offer you another way to make money selling your game assets. Get paid for your unused resources. Think of us like a thrift store for your old clothes. Assets. Sorry.


Our resources get hundreds of downloads per day, making OccaSoftware the best website to draw attention to your worst works. If your bad stuff looks like this, just imagine what your good stuff looks like. Right?


Get personalized guidance and support along the process. Receive feedback before we publish your resources. Enjoy first-hand tips from our team to help you make more money when you drop stuff off. (Hey, the cut of those jeans is soooo '70s).

What you need to know

You must own the rights to license/sell/whatever your thing. If you don't, you're breaking the law. and hurting our feelings. Don't do that.

We appreciate you! Thanks for considering contributing to the community. We're dedicated to democratizing game development and bringing down the barriers for new devs to express themselves and create incredible projects. We hope you are, too!