Publish game assets on OccaSoftware

Become an OccaSoftware contributor. Make money selling your game assets and development tools online. Think of us as a curated marketplace for those hidden gems gathering dust in the back of your hard drive.

(Achoo! 🤧)

Create editor tools, shaders, visual effects, models, environments, and more. We're interested in a wide range of game development resources.
Upload your assets to OccaSoftware through our streamlined submission process.
Earn up to $500 / month for resources that you contribute.

Why become a contributor?

Monetize Your Work

We offer you another way to make money selling your game assets. Whether you're making environments, models, or tools, we'd love to hear from you.

Gain Visibility

We offer you another avenue to generate income from your game assets. Get paid for your creativity and expertise. Consider us a marketplace for your unused or underutilized assets.

Receive Guidance

Get personalized support throughout the process. Receive feedback before we publish your resources. Enjoy first-hand tips from our team to help you maximize your earnings and improve your assets.

What you need to know

You must own the full rights to license and sell your submissions. Ensure you have the necessary permissions for all components of your work to comply with legal requirements and maintain the integrity of our platform.

We appreciate your interest in contributing to the community. OccaSoftware is dedicated to democratizing game development and reducing barriers for new developers to express themselves and create incredible projects. We hope you share this vision and look forward to your contributions.

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