Kingdom Stocks: Apocalypse Trader



A tactical RPG set in a timeless kingdom where players must survive a zombie apocalypse by mastering stock market mechanics. The game uniquely incorporates real-world weather into its gameplay.


Adults aged 18-45 who enjoy strategy games, RPGs, and have an interest in finance or economics.


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A medieval-style kingdom with anachronistic elements, blending feudal architecture with modern financial institutions. The world is ravaged by a zombie plague, creating a post-apocalyptic atmosphere.


An ancient curse has awakened the dead, turning them into zombies. Simultaneously, a mysterious portal opened, introducing modern financial concepts to the kingdom. The survivors must now navigate this new economic landscape to fend off the undead.


As the protagonist, you must lead a group of survivors, balancing resource management with combat against the undead. Your ultimate goal is to uncover the source of the zombie plague while building a thriving economy to sustain your people.


Turn-based tactical combat
Stock market simulation with fantasy companies
Real-time weather system affecting gameplay
Character skill development
Base building and fortification
Resource management
NPC trading and negotiations

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

A blend of medieval fantasy and modern financial aesthetics, with a dark, gritty overlay to reflect the zombie apocalypse. Hand-drawn 2D art for characters and UI, with 3D rendered environments.

Character Design

Diverse cast of survivors, each with unique skills related to combat or finance. Characters visually blend medieval attire with modern business wear, symbolizing the game's anachronistic nature.

World Design

An expansive kingdom map with various biomes, each affected differently by the real-world weather system. Key locations include fortified cities, abandoned castles, and transformed stock exchanges serving as dungeons.

Audio Design

Atmospheric soundtrack mixing medieval instruments with electronic elements. Dynamic audio that changes based on market conditions and zombie threat levels. Realistic weather sounds synced with the real-world weather system.

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