Key Dash Mayhem



A fast-paced, side-scrolling racing game with combat elements where players use simple keyboard controls to navigate obstacles and battle opponents.


Casual gamers and party game enthusiasts aged 12 and up


Web browsers

Setting and Narrative


A colorful, obstacle-filled racetrack with various themed environments like city streets, jungles, and futuristic landscapes


In a world where traditional racing has become obsolete, a new extreme sport emerges combining speed, agility, and combat


Competitors from around the globe gather to participate in the ultimate test of reflexes and strategy, racing through treacherous courses while battling for supremacy


Two-button movement system (W for left, E for right)
Weapon pickups scattered throughout levels
Platforming elements and obstacles
Multiplayer racing with combat
Power-ups and temporary abilities
Time trials and leaderboards

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

Vibrant 2D graphics with cartoon-inspired character designs and dynamic backgrounds

Character Design

Diverse cast of quirky racers with unique appearances and personalities, each with a signature weapon or ability

World Design

Multiple race tracks with varying themes, hazards, and secret shortcuts to discover

Audio Design

Upbeat electronic soundtrack, exaggerated sound effects for weapons and movement, and character-specific voice lines for taunts and celebrations

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