Nightmare Syndicate



A psychological horror game set in the criminal underworld where players use astral projection to navigate a nightmarish realm, flipping between reality and an inverted dreamscape to survive.


Mature gamers (18+) who enjoy psychological horror and complex gameplay mechanics


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A gritty, neon-lit metropolis with a thriving criminal underworld, juxtaposed against a twisted, inverted dreamscape filled with surreal horrors and impossible geometry.


The protagonist, a low-level criminal, discovers they have the ability to astrally project after a near-death experience. This power attracts the attention of both rival gangs and eldritch entities from the nightmare realm.


The protagonist must navigate the dangerous criminal world while using their astral projection abilities to uncover a conspiracy that threatens both reality and the nightmare realm. They must survive encounters in both worlds to prevent a catastrophic merging of realities.


Astral projection to switch between reality and nightmare realm
World inversion mechanic that flips the game environment
Stealth and combat in the real world
Puzzle-solving and reality manipulation in the nightmare realm
Resource management between both worlds
Sanity meter affected by time spent in the nightmare realm

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

A blend of neo-noir aesthetics for the real world, with dark, saturated colors and neon accents. The nightmare realm features distorted, Escher-like environments with a surreal, biomechanical art style.

Character Design

Realistic character models for the real world, morphing into grotesque, abstract forms in the nightmare realm. Enemies range from human gangsters to indescribable cosmic horrors.

World Design

Seamless transitions between the real world and nightmare realm, with recognizable landmarks that become twisted and inverted. Dynamic environments that react to the player's actions and mental state.

Audio Design

Atmospheric ambient sounds in the real world transition to dissonant, unsettling soundscapes in the nightmare realm. Binaural audio cues help players navigate the inverted world. Voice acting shifts between natural and distorted based on the current realm.

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