Weathered Whispers: Echoes of Freedom



A historically-inspired escape room puzzle game set in the Underground Railroad era, where players must navigate treacherous weather conditions to uncover a global conspiracy. As the game progresses, the graphics deteriorate, symbolizing the erosion of truth and the increasing difficulty of the journey.


History enthusiasts, puzzle solvers, and mature gamers aged 16 and up who enjoy narrative-driven experiences with challenging gameplay.


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A series of interconnected safe houses and secret passages along the Underground Railroad in 1850s America, spanning from the Deep South to Canada. Each location is affected by dynamic weather systems that impact gameplay and puzzle-solving.


In an alternate history, the Underground Railroad harbors a secret beyond its noble cause of freeing slaves. Hidden within its network lies evidence of a global conspiracy involving powerful figures from multiple nations. As an escaped slave turned investigator, the player must unravel this mystery while evading capture.


The protagonist discovers a cryptic message hinting at a larger conspiracy within the Underground Railroad. As they journey northward, they must solve puzzles, overcome weather-related challenges, and piece together clues from various safe houses. The truth they uncover could change the course of history, but forces are working to keep it hidden.


Weather-based puzzle solving
Time-sensitive escape room challenges
Evidence collection and analysis
Stealth and evasion
Resource management affected by weather conditions
Progressive graphic degradation influencing gameplay difficulty

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

Initially photorealistic 3D graphics that gradually degrade to simpler, more abstract visuals as the game progresses. This degradation affects both the environment and user interface, creating an increasingly surreal and challenging experience.

Character Design

Historically accurate character models representing diverse individuals involved in the Underground Railroad. As the graphics degrade, characters become more symbolic and less detailed, emphasizing their roles and motivations rather than their physical appearances.

World Design

Meticulously researched recreations of 1850s American locations, from Southern plantations to Northern cities. Each environment is designed to showcase the impact of different weather conditions, with dynamic elements that change based on the current weather state.

Audio Design

A somber, tension-building soundtrack featuring period-appropriate instruments. Weather sounds play a crucial role, providing both atmosphere and gameplay cues. Voice acting degrades along with the visuals, becoming more distorted and fragmented as the conspiracy deepens.

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