Astral Nightmare: Inverted Realms



A psychological horror game where players use astral projection to navigate between parallel worlds, surviving a nightmarish journey through inverted realities.


Mature gamers aged 18+ who enjoy immersive horror experiences and complex, mind-bending narratives.


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A dark, atmospheric multiverse where reality constantly shifts between a familiar world and its twisted, nightmarish counterpart.


A catastrophic event has caused the boundaries between parallel worlds to collapse, merging our reality with a dimension of nightmares. The protagonist, a gifted psychic, must use their astral projection abilities to restore balance and prevent the complete destruction of both worlds.


The player must journey through increasingly disturbing and dangerous parallel worlds, uncovering the truth behind the dimensional collapse while battling their own inner demons and the horrors that lurk in the inverted realms.


Astral projection to switch between parallel worlds
Survival horror elements including resource management and stealth
Reality-bending puzzles that require manipulation of both worlds
World inversion mechanic that flips the game environment upside down
Sanity meter affected by exposure to horrors and prolonged astral projection

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

A blend of photorealistic environments and surreal, nightmarish imagery. Dynamic lighting and particle effects create an unsettling atmosphere that shifts dramatically between worlds.

Character Design

The protagonist's appearance changes subtly based on their sanity level and current world. Enemies are grotesque amalgamations of familiar forms and otherworldly horrors, designed to evoke a sense of uncanny dread.

World Design

Interconnected levels that mirror each other in the parallel worlds, with subtle differences that become more pronounced as the game progresses. The world inversion mechanic creates vertigo-inducing environments that challenge player perception.

Audio Design

Binaural audio for immersive 3D soundscapes. Atmospheric ambient tracks that seamlessly transition between worlds. Unsettling sound effects that distort and intensify based on the player's sanity level.

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