Meadowlands: Echoes of the Mountain



A serene open-world adventure game set in a vast meadow landscape, where players explore, solve puzzles, and uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization hidden within the distant mountains.


Casual gamers and adventure enthusiasts aged 12 and up


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A sprawling meadow dotted with colorful wildflowers, gentle hills, and a tranquil lake. In the distance, sharp, majestic mountains loom, holding the mysteries of a long-lost culture.


Centuries ago, an advanced civilization thrived in the mountains but suddenly vanished. The meadow has since flourished, concealing clues to their disappearance beneath its lush grass.


The player, a curious explorer, stumbles upon strange artifacts in the meadow. As they investigate, they uncover a series of puzzles and challenges that gradually reveal the truth about the ancient mountain dwellers and their legacy.


Open-world exploration
Environmental puzzle-solving
Artifact collection and analysis
Gentle platforming elements
Day-night cycle affecting puzzle solutions

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

Cell-shaded graphics with vibrant colors, emphasizing the contrast between the soft meadow and the sharp mountain silhouettes. The art style creates a dreamlike, slightly surreal atmosphere.

Character Design

The player character is customizable, with a range of outfit options inspired by both modern explorers and the ancient mountain culture. NPCs encountered are stylized representations of local wildlife and occasional mysterious figures.

World Design

The meadow is divided into distinct biomes, each with unique flora, fauna, and puzzle types. The lake serves as a central hub, with the mountains becoming more prominent and accessible as the game progresses.

Audio Design

A soothing, ambient soundtrack featuring soft piano and strings, complemented by nature sounds. The music subtly changes based on location, time of day, and proximity to important discoveries.

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