Fairy Pocket: Cue & Clue



A unique blend of billiards and puzzle-solving set in a whimsical fairyland. Players use dialogue-based puzzles and tactile inputs to guide magical billiard balls, representing survivors, through enchanted pockets to safety.


Casual gamers and puzzle enthusiasts aged 12 and up, who enjoy fantasy settings and innovative gameplay mechanics.


Mobile devices (iOS, Android)

Setting and Narrative


A vibrant, miniaturized fairyland where billiard tables are entire realms, balls are living beings, and pockets are portals to safety or peril.


An evil sorcerer has shrunk the fairy realm's inhabitants, trapping them on magical billiard tables. As the chosen cue wielder, you must guide these tiny survivors to safety through treacherous pockets.


Players journey through various themed billiard realms, solving increasingly complex puzzles to rescue fairy survivors. Along the way, they uncover the sorcerer's motives and ultimately confront them in a final, grand billiard showdown.


Dialogue-based puzzle solving to determine ball trajectories
Tactile input affects ball spin and power
Magical cue abilities unlocked through progression
Time-based challenges in certain levels
Character relationship building influencing puzzle solutions

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

Colorful, whimsical 2.5D graphics with a mix of hand-drawn characters and realistic billiard physics. Each realm has a distinct visual theme based on different fairy tale motifs.

Character Design

Diverse cast of fairy folk represented as anthropomorphic billiard balls, each with unique personalities and abilities. The player's character is a disembodied magical cue, customizable in appearance.

World Design

Multiple billiard table realms, each with distinct layouts, hazards, and magical properties. Realms are interconnected through a hub world representing the fairy king's grand billiard room.

Audio Design

A whimsical orchestral soundtrack that dynamically changes based on player actions and realm themes. Realistic billiard sound effects are blended with magical chimes and fairy voices for a unique auditory experience.

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