Velocity Evolution



A racing game that combines car customization, progression, and competitive racing. Players develop their vehicles day by day, upgrade or purchase new cars, and compete against AI or other players.


Racing game enthusiasts and casual gamers aged 12 and up


Mobile devices

Setting and Narrative


A vibrant, diverse world featuring various racing environments, from city streets to off-road terrain and professional racetracks.


In a world where automotive technology is rapidly evolving, aspiring racers start from humble beginnings to become legendary drivers and car designers.


Players begin as rookie drivers with a basic car, progressing through increasingly challenging races and events while upgrading their vehicles or acquiring new ones. The ultimate goal is to become the world's top racer and automotive innovator.


Daily progression system
Car customization and upgrades
Vehicle purchasing and management
Various race types (circuit, drag, drift, etc.)
Career mode with storyline
Multiplayer races

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

Realistic 3D graphics with attention to detail on car models and environments. Dynamic lighting and weather effects to enhance immersion.

Character Design

Customizable player avatar with a diverse range of options. Notable rival racers and mentors with distinct personalities and signature vehicles.

World Design

Multiple racing locations including urban cityscapes, rural countryside, and professional racetracks. Each area has its own unique challenges and visual themes.

Audio Design

High-quality engine sounds recorded from real vehicles. Dynamic soundtrack that adapts to race intensity. Voice acting for key characters in career mode.

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