Tropical Heat: Love and Flames



A unique dating simulation set in a tropical paradise, where players must solve a series of murders while navigating romantic relationships. The game features an innovative fire propagation system and allows characters to manipulate the game's resolution as a core mechanic.


Mature gamers (18+) who enjoy dating sims, mystery games, and innovative gameplay mechanics


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A lush, vibrant tropical island resort with pristine beaches, dense jungles, and luxurious accommodations. The paradise hides dark secrets and potential dangers.


A string of mysterious murders has plagued the once-idyllic island resort. As a detective posing as a vacationer, the player must uncover the truth while forming relationships with suspects and fellow guests.


The player arrives at the island under the guise of a vacation, tasked with solving a series of murders. As they investigate and form relationships, they discover a complex web of motives, secrets, and unexpected twists. The island's unique fire propagation properties play a crucial role in both the murders and the investigation.


Dating simulation elements with multiple potential romantic interests
Detective work and evidence gathering
Fire propagation system affecting the environment and gameplay
Resolution manipulation allowing characters to reveal or hide information
Time management between investigation, relationship building, and island exploration
Dialogue choices and relationship meters
Mini-games related to island activities and investigation

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

A blend of realistic 3D graphics for characters and environments, with stylized, cel-shaded effects for dramatic moments and fire propagation. The ability to manipulate resolution creates unique visual effects throughout the game.

Character Design

Diverse cast of characters with distinct personalities, backstories, and potential motives. Character designs reflect the tropical setting while hinting at hidden depths. Each character has a unique way of manipulating the game's resolution to reveal or conceal information.

World Design

An open, explorable island with various locations including beaches, jungles, resort facilities, and hidden areas. The environment reacts dynamically to the fire propagation system, changing over time and affecting gameplay.

Audio Design

A soundtrack that blends tropical ambience with tense, mysterious undertones. Dynamic audio cues reflect the fire propagation and resolution manipulation mechanics. Voice acting for key characters and important dialogue scenes.

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