Lunar Profiteer



A strategic werewolf survival game set in a war-torn battlefield, where players must navigate random events to accumulate wealth while managing their lycanthropic nature.


Mature gamers who enjoy strategy, resource management, and horror elements.


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A ravaged European countryside during World War II, where supernatural forces have emerged alongside human conflict.


As Allied and Axis powers clash, an ancient curse awakens, turning select soldiers into werewolves. These cursed individuals must navigate both the war and their newfound nature.


The player, a werewolf soldier, must survive the war while amassing wealth through various means. As they progress, they uncover the origins of the werewolf curse and its connection to the ongoing conflict.


Lycanthropic transformation tied to lunar cycles
Random event system affecting resource availability and mission outcomes
Resource management and wealth accumulation
Stealth and combat mechanics that vary between human and werewolf forms
Moral choices impacting story progression and wealth acquisition methods

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

Retro monochrome visuals reminiscent of early computer games, with high-contrast shadows and silhouettes to enhance the horror atmosphere.

Character Design

Minimalist character designs that rely on distinct silhouettes to differentiate human and werewolf forms, as well as various military units.

World Design

A series of interconnected, procedurally generated maps representing different war-torn locations, each with unique opportunities for wealth accumulation and survival challenges.

Audio Design

A mix of period-appropriate music and atmospheric sounds, with distinct audio cues for lunar cycles and transformations. Use of static and radio effects to enhance the retro feel.

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