Kingdom Stocks: Zombie Market



A tactical RPG set in a timeless kingdom where players must survive a zombie apocalypse by mastering stock market mechanics. The game uniquely incorporates real-world weather into gameplay, affecting market trends and zombie behavior.


Adult gamers interested in strategy, RPGs, and economic simulations, aged 18-45.


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A medieval-inspired kingdom with anachronistic elements, blending castle towns and modern stock exchanges. The landscape shifts between lush countryside and urban centers, all impacted by real-time weather conditions.


An ancient curse has awakened the dead, turning them into zombies. Simultaneously, a mysterious portal introduced modern financial concepts to the kingdom. The royal family established a stock market to fund the fight against the undead, inadvertently creating a new power structure based on market influence.


As a noble heir, the player must navigate the zombie-infested kingdom, build alliances, and manipulate the stock market to gain resources and power. The ultimate goal is to uncover the source of the curse, end the zombie threat, and potentially ascend to the throne.


Turn-based tactical combat against zombies
Real-time stock market trading and analysis
Character skill development in combat and financial acumen
Weather-based events affecting both zombies and market trends
Resource management for survival and market manipulation
Alliance system with NPCs and other noble houses
Branching narrative paths based on financial and combat decisions

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

A blend of detailed 2D art for character portraits and UI elements, with 3D isometric graphics for exploration and combat. The art style combines medieval aesthetics with modern financial imagery, creating a unique visual identity.

Character Design

Characters feature a mix of traditional medieval attire and modern business wear, reflecting their dual roles as warriors and investors. Zombies are designed with era-appropriate variations, from peasant undead to infected nobles.

World Design

The game world is divided into distinct regions, each with its own market specialties and zombie types. Cities feature stock exchanges and safe zones, while the countryside holds resources and greater dangers. Dynamic weather effects visually transform the environment.

Audio Design

A soundtrack that blends medieval instruments with modern electronic elements. Sound effects contrast the chaos of zombie hordes with the bustle of trading floors. Dynamic audio cues signal weather changes and market shifts.

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