Sylvan Fusion Fighters



A platform fighter set in an enchanted forest where magical creatures battle using both traditional combat and the unique ability to merge and split, creating strategic depth and varied gameplay.


Teen and young adult gamers who enjoy competitive multiplayer games with a fantasy twist


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A vast, mystical forest teeming with ancient magic, floating islands, and ethereal creatures. The environment shifts and changes, influenced by the battles taking place within it.


For centuries, the magical creatures of the Sylvan Realm lived in harmony. However, a dark force has begun to corrupt the heart of the forest, turning some inhabitants against each other. Now, champions from various clans must fight to restore balance and defeat the source of corruption.


Players choose a champion and progress through increasingly challenging battles, uncovering the mystery behind the forest's corruption. The journey culminates in a final confrontation with the corrupted forest guardian, whose defeat will restore harmony to the realm.


Platform-based combat with multiple attack types
Character merging and splitting
Environmental interactions
Special abilities unique to each character
Combo system
Stage hazards and transformations

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

Vibrant, stylized 3D graphics with a mix of whimsical and ethereal elements. Characters and environments have a magical, slightly translucent quality that emphasizes their connection to the forest's energy.

Character Design

Diverse roster of magical creatures inspired by forest folklore, each with unique abilities and visual designs that reflect their elemental affinities. Characters have both solo forms and merged forms with distinct appearances and movesets.

World Design

Multi-tiered, dynamic stages that transform during battles. Platforms made of roots, leaves, and magical energy that react to player actions. Hidden areas and secrets encourage exploration between fights.

Audio Design

An enchanting orchestral score with Celtic and nature-inspired themes. Sound effects emphasize the magical nature of attacks and character transformations, with environmental sounds that respond dynamically to the action.

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