Blockbuster: Cube Conquest



A 2D side-scrolling platform game inspired by Minecraft, where players navigate through levels by destroying blocks, collecting items, and overcoming obstacles to reach the goal block.


Casual gamers aged 8-16, fans of Minecraft and platformer games


Mobile devices

Setting and Narrative


A vibrant, blocky world with diverse biomes including forests, deserts, mountains, and underground caves


In a world made entirely of blocks, an ancient prophecy speaks of a hero who can reshape the land and restore balance by collecting the sacred Prism Blocks scattered across the realm.


As the chosen hero, the player must journey through various levels, each containing a Prism Block. By collecting all Prism Blocks, the hero can prevent the world from crumbling into chaos.


Block destruction and placement
Tool upgrades (pickaxes, swords, etc.)
Enemy combat
Item collection
Crafting simple items

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

2D pixel art with a colorful, blocky aesthetic reminiscent of Minecraft but with its own unique charm

Character Design

Customizable blocky character with unlockable skins and accessories

World Design

Procedurally generated levels with hand-crafted elements, ensuring a mix of familiarity and surprise in each playthrough

Audio Design

Upbeat chiptune soundtrack with satisfying sound effects for block destruction, item collection, and character movement

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