Tactical Espionage: Shadow Protocol



A team-based tactical shooter with a focus on espionage and stealth, set in a near-future world of corporate warfare and high-tech gadgetry.


Mature gamers (18+) who enjoy strategic shooters and stealth games


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A dystopian future where mega-corporations wage covert wars using elite teams of operatives. Missions take place in various urban environments, from neon-lit cityscapes to underground facilities.


In 2045, nation-states have crumbled, and mega-corporations rule the world. Corporate espionage has evolved into full-scale shadow wars, with elite teams of operatives carrying out high-stakes missions to sabotage rivals and protect company interests.


Players take on the role of operatives in these corporate shadow wars, uncovering a conspiracy that threatens to destabilize the fragile balance of power and plunge the world into chaos.


Stealth-based infiltration
Hacking and electronic warfare
Non-lethal takedowns and disguises
Dynamic mission objectives
Team-based coordination
Customizable loadouts with high-tech gadgets

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

A blend of cyberpunk aesthetics and realistic environments, with an emphasis on lighting and shadows to enhance the stealth gameplay.

Character Design

Sleek, high-tech operative designs with customizable appearances and equipment. Characters range from agile infiltrators to heavy support specialists.

World Design

Intricately detailed urban environments with multiple paths and verticality, encouraging exploration and strategic planning.

Audio Design

Immersive ambient soundscapes with minimal music, focusing on realistic sound effects to enhance the stealth experience. Dynamic audio cues alert players to enemy movements and environmental hazards.

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