Chronos Nexus



A mind-bending sci-fi puzzle adventure set in a digital Tron-like grid, where players navigate through time paradoxes and their choices lead to multiple endings. The game world dynamically adapts based on the player's real-world social media activity.


Adult gamers aged 18-35 who enjoy complex narratives, puzzle-solving, and innovative gameplay mechanics.


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A vast, neon-lit digital grid reminiscent of Tron, with glowing pathways, data streams, and geometric structures that shift and reconfigure as players manipulate time and solve paradoxes.


In the near future, humanity has created a digital realm to store and process all of Earth's information. An anomaly in the system has caused time to fracture, creating paradoxes that threaten both the digital and physical worlds. Players assume the role of a specialized programmer tasked with entering this realm to resolve the temporal conflicts.


As players progress through the game, they uncover a conspiracy involving rival tech corporations and rogue AI entities. Each decision made affects the timeline, leading to multiple potential outcomes. The player's actions in both the game world and their real-world social media presence influence the story's direction and the final resolution of the time crisis.


Time manipulation puzzles
Multiple branching narratives
Social media integration
Paradox resolution challenges
Dynamic environment reconfiguration

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

A sleek, minimalist aesthetic with vibrant neon colors against dark backgrounds. Geometric shapes and clean lines dominate the environment, with visual glitches and distortions occurring during temporal anomalies.

Character Design

Player characters and NPCs are represented as abstract, luminous humanoid figures with customizable color schemes. Their appearances shift and evolve based on the player's choices and social media activity.

World Design

The digital grid is divided into distinct sectors, each representing different aspects of human knowledge and data. As players progress, they unlock new areas and witness the world transforming in response to their actions and real-world social media engagement.

Audio Design

An electronic soundtrack that dynamically adapts to the player's actions and the current state of the timeline. Sound effects are crisp and futuristic, with audible distortions occurring during paradoxes and time manipulation sequences.

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