Fists of the Pharaoh



A unique boxing game set in ancient Egyptian ruins, where players must balance their fighting skills with survival mechanics to ultimately conquer an intergalactic empire.


Mature gamers who enjoy strategy, survival, and combat games with a sci-fi twist


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


Ancient Egyptian ruins in a vast desert, with hidden alien technology and portals to other worlds


An ancient prophecy foretells of a boxer who will rise from the sands of Egypt to rule the stars. Alien races have been secretly influencing Earth's history, waiting for the chosen one to emerge.


The player, a skilled boxer, discovers an alien artifact in the desert ruins. As they uncover more secrets and fight their way through challenges, they learn of their destiny to unite the galaxy under their rule.


Boxing combat system
Hunger and thirst management
Exploration of ruins and alien worlds
Resource gathering and crafting
Diplomacy with alien races
Dynamic world changes based on installed apps

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

A blend of ancient Egyptian aesthetics with futuristic alien technology, using a cel-shaded art style to create a unique visual experience

Character Design

Customizable boxer protagonist with unlockable alien augmentations and ancient Egyptian-inspired gear

World Design

Interconnected ruins with hidden passages, alien outposts, and portals to diverse planets, each with unique environments and challenges

Audio Design

A mix of traditional Egyptian instruments with electronic and alien sound effects, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that evolves as the player progresses

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