Inverted Nightmares



A psychological horror game where players navigate through parallel worlds, each more terrifying than the last, while dealing with sudden inversions of the game world.


Mature gamers who enjoy psychological horror and complex, mind-bending gameplay experiences.


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A series of interconnected parallel universes, each representing a different nightmare realm with its own twisted logic and horrifying inhabitants.


The protagonist discovers an ancient artifact that allows travel between parallel worlds but becomes trapped in a cycle of nightmarish realities, each more dangerous than the last.


The player must uncover the truth behind the artifact and find a way to escape the nightmare realms before their sanity is completely eroded, all while being pursued by a malevolent entity that exists across all parallel worlds.


Parallel world exploration
Sudden world inversions
Sanity management
Puzzle-solving across multiple realities
Stealth and evasion from interdimensional threats

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

A dark, atmospheric aesthetic with surreal and distorted environments that shift between hyper-realistic and abstract depending on the current parallel world.

Character Design

The protagonist's appearance changes subtly with each world transition, reflecting the psychological toll of their journey. Enemies are grotesque amalgamations of familiar forms twisted by nightmare logic.

World Design

Each parallel world has a distinct theme and layout, with shared landmarks that appear in distorted forms across realities. The world inversion mechanic alters gravity, perspective, and spatial relationships.

Audio Design

An unsettling, dynamic soundtrack that evolves based on the current parallel world and player's sanity level. Binaural audio cues enhance the sense of disorientation during world inversions.

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